Wednesday, March 11, 2015

One challenge to liberalism, one to conservatism. Guess which ideology will win both?

In today's installment of "you don't have to be a weatherman to see which way the wind blows" I offer two links.  In the first, Hillary resists GOP attempts to get all of the emails off her personal server instead of just trusting her to give up the ones which matter to justice.  She said that the private server "contains personal communications from my husband and me" and that "the server will remain private."
No, Hillary, it won't.  You just think it will.  You still think that liberal Clintons have the same stroke as you did in the heyday of liberalism.  Watch, Hillary, as they use force of law to cram a judgement down your throat to cough up that server.  Two years ago, no way would they have gotten it.  Now?  Give it up Hillary.  Give it up or they will come take it at gunpoint just like they would do to me if I resisted.  You will find that your political power will not save you going forward.  Bye bye Hillary.

In the second, Wikipedia sues the NSA for blatant violations of the 1st amendment.  2 years ago and someone from Wiki would have been paid a visit by two men in black trench coats.  Their names would be presented as Mr. Carrot and Mr. Stick.  Carrot would be holding a briefcase full of newly printed money.  Stick would be holding a suicide kit.  Those driving the lawsuit would be asked to "choose wisely".  Wikimedia isn't even a real company!  What gives it the wild idea that it will win against the NSA?  Don't you have to be a big corporation with deep pockets to even have a chance against government?

The answer is that you used to.  When people were apathetic about everything government could get away with anything. But now that sleepy sheeple are waking up and they are voting, the powers at the top know that it is an existential threat to their con.  Having wiki go after their minions is actually a good thing now.  It just gives top management the chance to throw someone else under a speeding conservative bus and to be able to do it in a public forum.  It is a chance to regain trust from the herd before the herd forms a lynch mob.  Yes, that is exactly what they are thinking.
Call it a sacrifice if you like because the truth is not far off.  Those at the top see pitchfork revolution written all over this joint and they are worried.  So their attack dogs in the police services are now coming under fire, just like I suspected would happen.

Wiki will win this.  Watch and see.

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