Wednesday, March 25, 2015

ACLU wants me to help them promote more government control of me

I recently got an email from the ACLU as follows:


The Indiana House just passed a discriminatory bill in the name of religious freedom. And Governor Mike Pence is ready to sign it into law as early as today.

This broadly-written bill, S.B. 101, will allow any individual or any business to claim that their religious beliefs give them the right to ignore any law. Religious freedom is one of our most fundamental values, but it’s not right for someone to use it as an excuse to hurt someone else – like to deny employment, housing, or service.

This poorly written bill is so broad it goes far beyond opening the floodgates to discrimination against LGBT people. This bill will allow individuals to claim that any number of laws – including but not limited to child welfare laws and nondiscrimination laws – don’t apply to them.

Together, we can tell Indiana not to set a bad example. Sign our petition to tell Governor Pence that Indiana can support religious freedom without being out of step with the country’s values of fairness.

We’re at a moment as a nation when we have to stand up for what is right. Is it ok for federal, state, and local anti-discrimination laws to be ignored? Are we a country that believes in the right to discriminate over the equality and fair treatment of all?

Similar bills are sweeping through Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Texas. A slew of other states have tried but failed to sign these types of bills into law.

We stopped a similar bill in its tracks when over 20,000 of you sent signatures to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. Let’s do it again.

Make your voice heard and tell Governor Pence loud and clear that religious freedom should not give any of us the right to harm others.

Thanks for taking action,
Anthony for the ACLU Action team


First off, I want to point out that "Anthony" is really telling us that a wave of conservatism is sweeping America.  After seeing cake bakers put out of business in liberal Hell Holes, the governments of other states are assuring their citizens that real states won't attack its conservative citizens and force them to do things which the government does not have constitutional authority to do.  Anthony believes that it is government's job to ensure "fairness" between citizens!  What a complete bastardization of the core principles of America.  What a twisted mindset!

In any case, I was quick to respond to Anthony as follows:

Dear Anthony,

Refusing to hire someone into a private business is the business of the business owner.  The law should have no say over who a private business does or does not hire!  This is not “harming” the person who is not hired.   Jobs are not a right!  Stop acting like the world owes you a government-enforced living.  People like you are ruining America.  Likewise, a private individual should be able to avoid doing business with any other person for any reason.  Furthermore, the private individual should not have to justify his actions in this regard to anyone at any time and withholding of service is not “harming” the affected person because nothing was owed to him in the first place.  Belief that someone must, by force of law, do something for someone else in any way is a completely radical liberal idea that has no place in America.  It is a form of slavery that kills the will to work of our best, most conscientious workers.  It inserts government into the matters of private individuals and ascribes “rights” where none exist under the constitution.

Please, stop this damaging action immediately.
~~~~~signed ~~~~~

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