Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spider cracks of Navarone.

In this post I introduced the concept of a delayed implosion based on the destruction of main structural support.  This is in stark contrast to what happened on 911 when the supports were blown clean away in order to control the real time collapse of each of the three steel frame WTC buildings which collapsed into their own foot prints at the speed of gravity that day.

Since I would like to continue referring to this concept of "delayed but assured collapse" in the future without re-explaining it each time, I will just call it the Navarone effect going forward.  In short, some major event occurs which undermines the supports, be they physical, monetary or societal/political.  The damage is severe but collapse is not instantaneous.  The important aspects of the damage are not obvious to all observers; you have to know what you are looking for and you have to be looking for it in order to have any chance of knowing that the Navarone effect is occurring.

For a time after the initial event it seems like the affected establishment will be able to continue plodding on as usual but just enough damage is done in just the right places so that the weight of the institution, be it physical mass, debt, corruption, or gross loss of confidence, takes the structure to the point where it collapses catastrophically at some undefined point in the future.  The common man, caught up in his daily activities of work, raising families, maintaining the house and car, and recreating, never sees it coming.  Why?  Because when the damage is not instantaneous and obvious, the common herd member assumes that everything is OK.  Why else would humans build cities around active volcanoes?

In the general case of the Navarone effect, although the collapse of whatever type might not have occurred yet, that is not to say that no progress is being made towards it.  Spider cracks continue to grow the entire time.  They are invisible to most and are rarely reported on.  I try to report on those that I find but sometimes I miss an important spider crack and that is the case today.  A friend just pointed me to the curious case of a British documentary maker who held his own in British court against the BBC.  His case is a spider crack in the ongoing Navarone effect associated with the events of 911. 

You see, if you watch TV in Great Britain then you need to pay a tax and this man had not paid.  This man apparently purposefully notified the authorities that he had watched TV without paying.  He said that paying the tax would be paying the BBC and that the BBC was effectively colluding with terrorists.  Thus he could not pay his tax without himself indirectly funding terrorist activities which is in and of itself a serious crime.  He knew that they had to take him to court where he would have his public say in the matter.

His argument behind these outlandish sounding claims was video evidence taken by the BBC itself that it had 20 minute advance knowledge of the details of the collapse of WTC7 (AKA "the Salomon building").  In that video you can see a female reporter who is talking about the collapse of this building and describing the carnage, etc. even while the building is clearly visible in the live feed behind her.  I knew that this had happened - the prereporting of collapse that is.  But no government agency would ever admit the facts because of the political implications.  At least not yet.  Still, these spider cracks will not stop.  The small court judge in Great Britain certainly did not want to be on the wrong side of the law so he could not convict the journalist but neither would he admit the video evidence into the official record.  Still, the man was not found guilty and he certainly would have been found guilty had his case had any hole in it whatsoever.

They seem like small things, these spider cracks.  But it is unknown and unknowable how they are interacting with each other - the wave interactions are too complex for the mind of man.  The only thing that is important is that more than a decade after the actual event, these spider cracks are still forming, still expanding.   It shows that the Navarone effect is still in process.  At some point the large cracks and the spider cracks will form a critical mass of weakness and the collapse will be swift and widespread.

As the debt-fueled prosperity wanes, effects of the societal drug called credit (which was represented by the chemical called "G-23 Paxilon Hydrochlorate" in the movie, "Serenity") wear off and those who did not die from it become Reavers.  Reavers do not accept authoritarian rule; they are the ruling power.  Once removed from the stupifying power of credit, the herd will no longer appear to be so stupid; no longer cows staring at a passing train (Don Henley).  No more will it be that "nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care" (George Carlin).  Before this crash is over, the truth will emerge regarding US government involvement in 911 and the use of it to acquire more power and to concentrate that power into fewer hands at the top of the pyramid of corruption.  It will be understood by even the most societally drugged liberals (who have an in-built lean toward consumption before production, AKA debt based consumption) that 911 was and is a complete scam, that Bush and Cheney and many others in high government positions are war criminals and traitors.  I'm not saying I think this will happen.  I'm saying without any reservation that I know it will.  I just don't know when.  Until 911 is investigated and at least some heads roll over it, the people will never have confidence in the new con men who will want to run the show after the collapse.  Someone is going under the bus regarding 911, of that I am sure.
  • Interestingly, "Pax" as it was known in the movie, was introduced surreptitiously to the global population of the fictional world "Miranda" at the global level through the air processors.  How different is this from introducing fake money to the people of planet Earth through the central banks (money processors)?  You need air to breathe so avoiding the intake of Pax would be very difficult even if you knew about it (and most people did not).  Likewise, you need societal currency in order to survive on planet Earth even if you know it is a complete scam.
  • Also note the name of it is not arbitrary.  "G" is the well known symbol of the Illuminati.  It is always found within the crossed square and compass:

  •  The 23 in G23 was also not arbitrary.  A common interpretation of that number is that it signifies two (a man and a woman, Adam and Eve - the numerical representation of humanity) over 3 (the Holy Trinity).  In other words man over God AKA Humanism.  Interestingly, 2/3 is .666.
  •  Paxilon Hydrochlorate or Paxilon HCl could be a reference to Paxil (Paroxetine Hydrochloride), but I suspect that Joss Whedon had some other meaning in mind that I have not figured out yet.  I am pretty sure that none of this is arbitrary.

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Augustine said...

Why would humans build cities around active volcanoes? Because between eruptions, the soil around active volcanoes is quite fertile.

Why would a herd not turn on the lions (LEOs)? Because it benefits from their presence, culling the fringe wayward (parasite) among it from its pasture and keeping other predators (criminals) at bay. However, such a vast diet increases the number of lions (LEOs) and then not only those members of the herd on the fringe are preyed on, but also those who didn't stray too far from the herd (middle-class). This is the point when the lions (LEOs) outweigh their benefit and the herd (we the people) turn against them, all the way to their alpha male lion (...).

Humans are not only a herd species, but also a rather selfish one. It may seem contradictory, but it's also why humans are unlike all the other animals.

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