Sunday, October 22, 2017

Another sign that Boy Scouts is going to see major reorganizations in the coming years.

It should be clear by now that Boy Scouts of America is infected/infested with rabid liberalism disease in which fake political correctness and fake inclusiveness might as well have their own merit badges.  The latest joke move by that organization was to kick a Cub Scout out of his den for asking politically incorrect questions when invited to a Q+A session with a local lawmaker.  The cub scout members had been told to "come prepared to talk to Republican state Sen. Vicki Marble about issues important to them."  When one of the scouts asked questions having to do with gun control and other things that the female politician had said, his mother was later notified by the scout leader that his questions were "of a political nature" and "disrespectful".

The unexpected twist in this story is that the lawmaker receiving the questions is republican and the questions from the kid were obviously of a liberal bent.  His tagline was "There is something wrong in our country where Republicans believe it's a right to own a gun but a privilege to have health care". 

MAN!! I feel sorry for the poor kid.  He was obviously indoctrinated into the liberal way of thinking somehow and he obviously thought he would be striking a blow for his liberal brainwashers.  But then he pulled the "I'm so clever" stunt and instead of being received like a war hero, he gets drummed out of his group!  In other words, some of the leadership in Boy Scouts are becoming more and more aware that the liberal attack dog tactic is now paying net negative returns.

Folks, that little boy doesn't really know what healthcare is and he has no idea why people should/must own guns in a free society.  Nobody bothered to point him to Catalan or told him to think about that fact that those people were thought they were free until they decided to exercise their fake right to be free.  As soon as they did, the central corrupt government, fearing income loss from indentured slaves, threatened to remove all of these locally elected officials from power and to use police force to "restore order".   Without the means of defending their claim of self determination, Catalans will be beaten back down into submission and told to be happy about it, or else.

I don't blame the poor confused little boy at all.  Young people always think the know more than they actually know and they are usually a reflection of those in the herd around them.  They always view things in a simplistic fashion with the nuances of the situation going right over their heads.  That's why they are called "children".  The cub scouts should NOT have drummed him out for this!  The stupid leaders of the group, in their effort to stay politically aligned with conservatives because conservatives seem to be winning at this time have thrown this poor kid under the bus.  Changing ones "ideals" like this simply to remain aligned with the power base is very liberal behavior.

What cub scouts should have done is nothing.  Any politician who can't handle a little grilling by a child has no place in politics.  They should have let the politician do her best to respond to the child's obviously pre-contemplated attacks.  Real conservatives do not need "pack help" in defending themselves from this kind of thing.  No, it doesn't take a village or a gang to defend against comments from a child.  That kid is going to be scarred in some way from this incident and his only crime was that nobody told him that peak liberalism has been hit and so if you want to make points in the herd you will lean centrist right now and then conservative later.  But his public beat down likely sent a big message to other kids who had similar thoughts.

The General Electric [GE] debt Ponzi is in full decline

I've written many times in these pages that the eventual fate of General Electric would be either BK or a massive breakup or both.  The reason is simple: GE has a ton of debt and little cash.  What this means is that GE does not own its productive assets.   They belong to the debt holders.  GE was forced (IMO) to sell off many of its Ponzi profit producing shadow bank assets as the federal reserve propped up the economy.  But now the fed, which is a private bank and which does not want to go BK itself, wants to unwind its balance sheet and that will certainly lead to a reduction in liquidity (credit)  and eventually a liquidity crisis (not enough new debt to prop up the global debt Ponzi).

GE is the tip of the collapse iceberg IMO and the news there just keeps getting worse.  After the management shakeup and recent bad quarter of performance GE is now entering the panic phase of asset liquidation in order to raise cash. 

  • First they calmly sold off all the shadow banking assets
  • Now they will sell off real revenue producing assets
  • As time goes on they will be forced to accept lower and lower prices for assets
  • At some point they will virtually give away assets in order to free themselves of the associated (and possibly hidden/cooked books) liabilities. 
There is a lot of junk in the GE trunk and they have been running that con game for a long time but now GE is in the end game.  Expect layoffs and even worse financial results as the share price plunges well under $10 again in 2018.  Eventually GE will BK or be broken up and sold off in pieces.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Catalonia - fake freedom.

As amazing as it is to say, up until 1975 Spain was ruled by kings and dictators.


Little men with little dicks who wield life and death power over their serfs whose dictated role is to provide for the leadership class... OR ELSE.

In 1975 the last dictator of Spain, Francisco Franco, died.  This left a power vacuum which the people stepped in to partially fill on their own behalf.  The result was a new constitution in 1978 resulting in a parliamentary monarchy.  Spain still has a king (Felipe VI) but its kind of like the Queen of England.  He's mainly a figurehead as the last vestiges of the insanely fucked up notion that someone having "royal" blood is automatically better and the master of everyone else finds its way into the dustbin of history.

Of course the elite do not like to give up their slave ownership role easily.  Keep in mind what I have written about elite many times - they have no real power.  They are the little old men hiding in the Oz machine speaking in a booming voice, belching fire and demanding compliance.  All it takes is for this con game to collapse is a little girl who is not afraid to pull back the curtain and let everyone see the dickhead at the controls.

The elite know they are losing their power and that it is happening at an exponential rate.  Within 15-20 years I predict that all roles of royalty will be all but retired.  The people will reject the notion of someone getting a free living simply because of who their parents and grandparents were.  It's coming and it will arrive a lot sooner than many think possible because of the exponential nature of the decay of a con game.

Catalan in Spain is 1 of 17 supposedly "Autonomous Communities" or regions that are bound (as if by economic ropes of some sort) to funneling a percentage of their economic output to a central authority which can do as it pleases with the fruits of their slave labor.  The game of the elite is to make people feel like they are free when in fact they are still indentured slaves.  As long as the theft of labor is maintained via taxation without representation by several means, including the sneaky inflation tax that is enabled by the elite use of fake money, the elite quietly let people live in the illusion of freedom.  But they always put clauses in place which essentially allow them to revoke these fake freedoms at will.

That is the purpose of article 155 of the Spanish constitution.  It allows the central government the agreed upon authority under vague "it's not going our way" circumstances to take control of any of the regions.  Let me repeat how every government operates:

  • The slave decides to do as he will in contradiction to government wishes.
  • The government sees this action and politely notifies that it does not like the action; cease and desist.
    • It does not matter that the action of the slave is not hurting anyone!  What matters is that the action of the slave reduces or threatens to reduce benefits paid to the slave master.
  • The slave does not listen and in fact may increase the offending activity.
  • The government sends legal notice and perhaps lawyers to demand compliance "for the good of everyone " which is elite speak that actually means "for the good of the master".
  • The slave continues to show open contempt for the orders.
  • Final warnings are given by government.  Upon failure to comply, the armed troops are sent in.  They don't care what innocent people they hurt or kill.  They are fucking attack dogs for the corrupt slave master.
At the end of the day, ALL requests given by ALL governments are orders which are backed up by a rifle butt to the face and a bullet to the head.  It doesn't matter that Catalans living today did not sign the 1978 constitution.  They are being held accountable for the decisions of others.

History is clear on these matters.  The slave should NEVER complain until he is fully prepared to go to battle with his oppressor and to either do so much damage that it is a MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) situation or an outright victory is possible.  Any other strategy is completely stupid because it always plays out the same way.  Slaves cannot go into combat based on emotions, they have to go to war fully armed and mentally prepared to pay for their eventual freedom in blood because the elite will not settle for anything less.

The JFK files - what will we find?

Years ago I predicted that as the new conservative leaning establishment tries to get control of the disenchanted people it will have to resort to the one thing, the only thing, that will realign the people of the United States.  That one thing is truth.  That's right.  Someone is going to have to take one for the gipper.  The closet is just chock full of dirty nasty skeletons and the best way to regain confidence of the people is to begin letting those skeletons flop out onto the floor and hopefully bringing many government criminals to justice.

Trump's presidential legacy is far from assured at this point.  Many dumb ass liberal dems are still calling for him to be removed from office for any little excuse they can think of.  This is just a sign of how massively divided the country appears to be.  But I have a little secret to share with you: much of this division is just herding behavior.  Those on the left are following left regardless of the facts and those on the rabid right are doing the same.  There is very little new substantial reason for this division except that the herd in general has chosen to do it.

Don't believe it?  Well, check out this revealing video wherein students who "identify" as liberal ignorantly state that Trump's tax plan sucks while loving a plan that supposedly came from Bernie Sanders.  The only problem is that the tax plan that they agreed with is really the Trump plan.  So it's clear that these people have no idea what is what.  They simply have imprinted on the Mao Suit in the hopes that they will get something for nothing from "the rich white man".  I especially love the "oh shit" look on the young woman at 2:20 into the vid.  She is panicking internally because she instantly knows that she has been punked and that her ignorance has been exposed for the entire world to see.

This is a good example of why I have said so many times that most people's opinions simply aren't worth listening to even though they are expressed strongly and with emotion.  Those people have been fed a script which they do not actually understand and they are being used by those who DO understand how things really work.  The people doing the herding are not stupid.  They are simply operating in herding mode.  Herding mode is a group efficiency strategy that is built into our DNA.  If we can identify a leader in a certain area then we just follow blindly leaving us to focus on other things.  Imagine how much energy it would take if everyone had to research all of the issues instead of taking someone's word for it.  HOWEVER, the herd only follows if it has confidence.  Confidence is most easily initially gained by lying to people and telling them what they want to hear.  But it also evaporates in an eye-blink if the lie is discovered.

The current direction of a herd has the potential to change so abruptly because there is no underlying fundamental for it; it's all emotionally driven.  The one thing that can really stop the herd from stampeding and get its attention is TRUTH.  Tell the truth no matter how ugly.  Set the example that government does not hide behind bullshit lies and fake national security threats.  Bring to justice those few at the top and their operators down on the street who have misled and hurt the herd.  That will get the attention of the herd and that is why I am on record many times saying that eventually the skeletons WILL come out INCLUDING the truth about what really happened on 9-11. 
  • By the way, IF you still believe the official government bullshit story about "pancaking" floors, etc. I'm officially laughing in your face.  I am not the off kilter conspiracy theorist whose specter you tried to intimidate me into compliance with, you are in fact the gullible sheeple who fell for the con job.  Remember these words in the future when the truth is finally revealed.  Remember how you thought you knew something even though you never did any real fact finding.  Remember how your views were simply aligned with the government narrative because you were herding safely with the crowd in an intellectually cowardly manner instead of thinking independently for yourself.  The facts are right there in our faces and in fact always have been.  Once the truth is revealed, or better still, before there can be no more denying of it, you should go ask forgiveness of those who you mocked.  It will go much easier on you if you do the right thing now.

Trump has now ordered the release of more info on the JFK assassination.  Who knows if the full truth will be revealed by this but at this point most if not all of the actors in that conspiracy are dead so it's a lot safer for Trump to release this truth now about the corruption of past presidents, etc.  What he may not understand is that if enough truth is released about that to prove that the "conspiracy theorists" in that matter were actually the hyper-informed visionaries that the herd might be receptive at this time to that fact.  And if that is the case and the feedback from the herd is positive then that feedback could lead Trump to do more of it. A LOT more of it.

Never forget what Trump really is, and that is a showman.  A true showman has no conviction other than to please the crowd.  A good showman will quickly change tactics if something he tries isn't working.  Trump has shown that he has no problem back tracking if the spaghetti he throws at the wall fails to stick.  It has made his administration appear to be way out of control so far and the revolving door of employment in his administration is record setting.  But he will continue to try things and when he finds something that resonates with the herd (like telling the truth and increasing transparency obviously would do), expect him to double and triple down on that in order to make up for other areas of his administration which lack resonance simply because they are inherently incapable of it (i.e. fixing the debt Ponzi, etc.).

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

JJ Abrams: Weinstein "can't be" a lone operator

JJ Abrams who has directed many big name files including some of my fav Star Trek films just went on record saying that Harvey Weinstein "can't be" a lone operator.

Well well.  In the course of about 2 years we have gone from Hollywood is great where all the best and brightest live to Weinstein (the sexual predator) is part of a larger group doing the same thing - taking advantage of the stupidity and greed of young liberal women.  I'm pretty sure that Abrams and many others know exactly who is doing what in Hollywood circles.  Claiming that it's just a guess on his part comes off as disingenuous.  I'd bet that Abrams has been at parties watching some of it go down in person.

Drugs, sexual predation including pedophilia and many other immoral things are just the tip of the iceberg.  Mark my words, Hollywood is headed for a full blown meltdown.  Every little snitch will be coming out of the woodwork and telling what they know.  You know why???  Why now???  Simply because the people who have been sitting on this info all this time knew they would not get any support in the past.  Like the truth about our fake money economy, nobody wants to hear the truth.  Everyone wants the party to go on and on.  But now they are seeing signs that the people are now paying attention to these allegations.  The herd is no longer dismissive and calling everything a conspiracy theory.  This trend is only going to strengthen as the world finds out just how many evil conspiracies there actually have been, including 911, JFK and many, many others.

It will surprise many to find that typically left leaning "news" sources such as The Hill are now reporting crap found against the left.  Let's face it, if you want to "report" crap, there are plenty of things going on with the right/Trump administration to do so.  So WTF is The Hill doing picking up this story about Hillary and the Clinton Foundation (money funneling source)?  I mean, there is no smoking gun here yet.  There is still too much speculation as Snopes points out.  Again, expect the trend to continue because The Hill isn't about supporting the left, its about following the money.  Advertisers have figured out that the readers are leaning right.  In order to please these advertisers, The Hill and all other liberal whore news media outlets will begin to lean first more centrist and then outwardly right.

The pendulum is swinging folks.

Marc Faber crosses the imaginary line of political correctness and essentially ends his career.

Marc Faber is a globally known investor and economy watcher.  Recently he made some very broad and sweeping statements about how America is lucky it was colonized by whites instead of blacks.  Mish and many others in the investment community reported on it.  There are a couple of things that I would like to discuss about this.

1) Why did Marc Faber, after all these years of self control on public TV, make these comments now? I'm pretty sure this was not a new idea for him.  I'm pretty sure Marc Faber hasn't changed his views about anything for a very long time.  So why now?  In short, Marc felt that the wet blanket of fake political correctness, which had been hampering him from saying what he really thought all these years, was now weakened enough that he could express his opinion without being punished too badly.  Of course now we see from the broad reaction that he miscalculated, thus ending his tenure on many corporate boards, TV slots, etc.  He's 71 now and well off financially so maybe this is just his way of saying "I have F-U money, so F-U".

2) Were his comments racist?  Well let's first separate insensitivity and bad judgement from racism.  The definition of racism is, "prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.".  Faber certainly prejudged the black race based on his comments.  He really doesn't know for sure what black founders would have built in the United States.  But the real teeth of racism is in the associated actions of discrimination and antagonism. I don't see Faber trying to suggest that blacks should get special mistreatment.  In other words, I don't see malice.  Where is the line between free speech and something more negative like racism?  In my view, that line is where malice is present.

3) What would an alien scientist say about this?  If an ET alien landed on Earth and was given access to global history what he would see is that the entire world pulled itself up out of the muck over the past 5000 years.  When it comes to advancing the human species nobody needs to mention the achievements of Europeans and Asians. 

But let's be scientists here for a second and not brain washed little politically correct automatons.  What great things have come out of Africa to benefit and move forward our species?  Please don't come up with one or two examples and claim parity.  I'm sure some advancements have come from there.  But BY AND LARGE computers, electronics, chemistry, physics, great works of art, massive efficient construction, crop efficiency, automation, commercial aircraft, robots and AI? 

I could go on and on here.  Africa is not known for any of these things and we are not talking about a new people here.  We are talking about an ancient people who for whatever reason did not step up.  40 years ago China wasn't much better but then Nixon began a program of using Chinese labor to feed western consumption and in the trade the Chinese got access to ALL American technology and, by G-d, they ran with it.  The Chinese have proved they are not a second class race.  But Africa just sits there, barely able to feed itself.  Intelligent people do not overlook facts in the name of political correctness.  This does not mean that all blacks share this African trait.  Not even close.  But that was not the question, was it?  Faber said that if a group of blacks (which would be Africans at the time) had colonized the USA that it would not be as far along now as it is.  Had he inserted the word "likely" I think it would have been a very fair statement from an intellectual honesty perspective.  Insensitive?  Sure.  Unwise?  Absolutely.  But not intellectually wrong.

In my own field of high tech, which has been open to anyone who can do the work for a long time, there are very few blacks.  NOT zero.  Just very few, on the order of 1%.  Is this because whites held them down?  Puhleeeze.  Is it because they didn't have a fair chance?  Well, China was in their shoes 40-50 years ago and now my email shuts down during Chinese Dragon Festival.  In other words, Chinese are now such a big part of high tech that high tech operations move aside for their holiday celebrations.  This is proof that nobody is keeping anyone down.  Those who have not stepped up have not stepped up for their own reasons.  No amount of politically correct whitewash can cover up these facts.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Wapo says gun control really doesn't work?

If you are in charge of a newspaper, the number one thing you look at is profits.

Not editorial fairness.
Not politically favoring cheap politicians.


When you are interested in profits, you write or say what the people want to hear at the time.  Ron Paul didn't give a flip about profits or popularity so he just said what he knows is right.  But newspapers change with the tide and it is one of my long standing predictions that liberal media is going to first become more centrist and then lean right.

Not because they believe in it but because in order to make profits they HAVE to tell the herd what it wants to hear.  And the herd wants to hear more and more conservative things.  That is why we are now seeing articles like this one from WaPo which labeled a gun control nut a "three Pinocchio nose" liar.

Again, if a media outlet wants to lean liberal, all it has to do is not report on conservative things.  And WaPo is well known for only reporting on liberal things (or reporting conservative dirt).  So why now?  Why does the WaPo article not only call the gun control nut a liar, but also reminds people that it called him a liar previously as well?

Clearly WaPo is trying to appear more centrist and fact based in its views.  TRUST ME, WaPo and most other media don't care about truth, they care about advertising dollars and if they have to change their mix of reporting and the tone of their reports in order to draw more ad revenue, well that is just what they will do.

All this time WaPo has been unfairly labeled a liberal whore when the truth is that they are a money whore.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Liberals think that free speech is only for them.

Every day seems to bring news stories more crazy than the day before.  This country is so divided.  Everyone sees this but nobody understands why.


That's right, the reason for US and global angst is that we operate on a fake money supply where those running the money supply tilt the table in their favor at the expense of the middle and lower classes.  The result is record wealth inequality.  When people lose hope for a better future because they can see that things are stacked against them, they tend to get upset.

A major part of this divide is that between liberals and conservatives.  Liberals have been getting more than their fair share of the crumbs falling off the table because of government corruption.  Now, those who might be rolling their eyes at this can stuff it because this is not a conspiracy theory.  It's simply a conspiracy.  What do you call it when the IRS gets busted red handed denying conservative organizations special tax status that it hands out to liberal organizations all day long like it was candy?  Have we already forgotten that Lois Lerner lost her job over this?  Be fair.  Be honest.  Call a spade a spade.  Call a conspiracy a conspiracy!  So YES the government has been targeting conservatives.  Maybe it was limited to the IRS but you have to be kind of childish to believe that.  When you have so much power you don't just use a little bit of it to achieve objectives, you use all available resources.  We will learn more about this in the future but you can bet your ass that the IRS scandal was the tip of the corruption conspiracy iceberg.

But I digress.  Liberals are now becoming very afraid that their exorbitant privilege is being yanked.  Thus they are up in arms about everything including the free speech of other groups. In fact so much so that the Governor of Fl is preemptively declaring an emergency because a "white nationalist" leader plans on speaking at an event there.

What a joke!  Liberals think free speech is only for them.  I have no doubt that the "white nationalist" (white supremacist) is not the friend of any liberals but he has as much right to his say as any liberal.  Why didn't governments have to declare emergencies any time Hillary spoke somewhere?  Do you think it was because conservative people appreciated her spew?  No!  It was because conservatives were not rabid control freaks like many liberals are.  Do as I say, not as I do.  Very liberal.  That act simply isn't going to fly anymore and I warn people who think that it will that if you push too hard you will end up in a gun fight without a gun.  Abide by the law!  Be peaceful!  Live and let live!

OR face the consequences...

Idiot liberals should not be protesting Richard Spencer they should be protesting the federal reserve and big government.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Ha ha, funny funny? Not so much.

Donald Trump is an adolescent boy who now finds himself in the most powerful position on Earth.  So I am far from being a big fan of his.  All I ever said about the 2016 elections, and this was before Trump even announced his candidacy, was that Hillary would lose and it shouldn't even be close.  I was right about that despite the odds at the time being stacked heavily against me in the minds of my detractors.  Of course, I had them at a bit of a disadvantage even though they could not see it.  I had an Elliott wave model of peak liberalism to guide my world view and all they had was their gut instinct which was heavily guided by herding behavior.  They thought they were invincible but because of my scientific model based approach I was pretty sure they didn't stand a chance.

In any case, Trump won and career criminal Hillary lost.  I think it was the lesser of two evils.  But liberals act like it is end times that their queen got bitch slapped by an increasingly conservative-leaning American population.  As a result, many in Hollywood have taken to attacking him in ways that clearly cross any line of decorum or decency.  Doing just this resulted in the massive slap down of smart ass Kathy Griffin who recently said that her stunt of posing with a beheaded effigy of Trump has ended her career.  The funny part about that is that she blamed him for it.  How liberal!

That behavior was clearly out of line and even some rabid liberals shook their heads at the stunt and distanced themselves from the shark jumping Griffin.  But now even lesser offenses are being punished as the herd turned increasingly conservative.  Today's story is how famous comedian George Lopez was booed off the stage for making fun of Trump.  Do you think this message was not picked up by all liberal performers everywhere?  Remember, liberals don't have real convictions, they just ride the tide that they think is currently flowing.  Lopez was obviously surprised that his anti-Trump, anti white hate speech was no longer considered funny at a conservative diabetes fund raising event.  Many liberal performers are now going to change their acts, perhaps even to weakly support Trump because if George Lopez can't get away with disrespect to POTUS, nobody else is likely to be able to do so either.

I know it sounds crazy to hear this but its perfectly in line with my world view about liberals and herding behavior.  Now let's take a true conservative - Ron Paul.  They used to call him "Dr. No" when he was in Congress because he always voted his conservative convictions.  If something was not constitutional, he would vote against it. If something raised the debt, he would not agree with it.  NO AMOUNT of peer pressure or public humiliation could make him change his stance.  Not then, not now, not ever.  That is the sign of a true conservative.  He was mocked for many years during the liberal lean of society but mark my words, they will be erecting statues of this man and naming streets after him in the future.

What we will be seeing in the future is a lot of liberals simply changing their public statements to a more conservative lean simply because they will have recognized that this is now what the people will want to hear.  I wouldn't be surprised to see that lying bitch Hillary burning her "Mao suit" and posing conservative in the not distant future.

Fake political correctness, fake leaders, fake news, fake emissions ratings and now fake steel.

With liberalism comes the tendency to lie and exaggerate. It's just a basic characteristic.  Keep in mind that associating oneself with liberal politics does not make one a liar!  Many so called "liberals" in fact live quite conservatively in many aspects of their lives.  They live in monogamous hetrosexual relationships, have no debt, care for their children and do not rely on government for help.  That's the problem with labeling individuals.  But I have no problems pointing out the individual characteristics of liberalism and conservatism.  Each person is free to choose which and how many aspects of each of these they incorporate into their own lives.

With this understanding, I will repeat: it is a liberal trait to lie and exaggerate.  Thus we should not be surprise to hear that the last 50 years of growing societal liberalism have been accompanied by many kinds of lies in many aspects of life.  I have been decrying fake political correctness for many years now in these pages and warning people that the sign of the times is "fake, fake, fake".  I was doing this before anyone ever first mentioned "fake news" and well before Volkswagon got busted for fake emissions testing.

I also predicted that with peak liberalism and the onset of conservatism we would begin to see these lies break down and the skeletons would come tumbling out of the closet. I predicted it would be widespread and many big names would be caught up in it.  This was well before the Cosby Collapse.  In the past few days we have seen another big corporate name fall onto its own sword in the form of Kobe Steel.  The M.O. is strikingly similar to that of V.W. - the data associated with the performance of its product was faked.  In essence, they succumbed to the liberal temptation of lying.

Like VW, Kobe has been doing this for years already.  It is just now that they got caught at it and have had to admit their lies.  The party is now over and its time to pay the piper just as always happens with all liberal activity.  In fact it is safe to say that one of the definitions of liberal activity is that it is inherently unsustainable and therefore terminal in nature.  It cannot go on forever.

The CEO of Kobe is now nationally embarrassed and currently has no excuse for why the company faked the data.  He has had to bow to his nation on national TV so that everyone can see his shame.  Of course the reason why his company did this was to chase Mammon money.  Faking the data means less work, less cost in production and it also means being able to charge a premium for high spec material even if that material didn't meet spec.  Part of the blame should, of course, be placed on anyone who blindly believed the supplier but that behavior is widespread in the trust Ponzi that accompanies the fake money Ponzi.
Maybe its just coincidence, but the Reuters photo below is unusually framed.  A contrite Kawasaki-San is framed in the photo to far right...

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