Thursday, August 17, 2017

The police cannot protect us from life.

The UK Sun reported on the disgusting terror attack on pedestrians by ISIS soldiers on the sidewalks of Barcelona.  After ramming into a crowd killing 13 and injuring 80, the terrorists were allowed to flee on foot where the "brave" officers killed 1 and arrested 2 others involved in the terror attack.

I say again, why do the cops have a monopoly on security??  Why can't the people all be armed and then defend themselves when the terror is happening instead of letting it all play out and having the cops mop up the mess after the fact?  Talk about shutting the barn door after the horses have escaped!

And to make it worse, once the cops get involved they are like a secondary terror force.  These people in the picture below were not impacted or traumatized by the actual terror even and so the cops, in order to prove to everyone that they are in control (even when it is plainly obvious that they are not in control) push innocent bystanders around and treat them all like terror suspects making them raise their hands, get frisked, etc.   Gee, thanks police!  The real terror wasn't terrifying enough.  Now the victims have to be re-victimized just so your egos get stroked.  What a bunch of crap.  Let the people defend themselves using force of arms and the only ones that would be terrified would be the terrorists.

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