Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Expect to be hearing a lot more credible alien/UFO stuff going forward.

When a government has the confidence of its people it has power.  That power invariably corrupts in all ways and eventually absolutely.  A government that has the confidence of its people keeps secrets because it is allowed by the people to do so.  The US government has a lot of secrets.   Some of them we will probably never know.  But many of them that were once closely held will be revealed.  I'm on record saying that this will include the truth (or most of it) behind 911 but I also believe that this will include many other secrets.

WHY??  Why do I think this will happen?  And why now?  What's so special about now that was not true 10, 20, 40 or even 50 years ago?  Why do I think "it will be different this time"?  Well, it's all related to peak liberalism and the new swing toward conservatism.  Control freak-ism is a liberal trait.  The entire concept of nanny state is a liberal construct which includes the holding back of information for use by the elite few "for the good of people that can't handle the truth" and in the name of "national security".  What they really mean is for their personal security and wealth acquiaition.  Conservatives don't really care if you can handle the truth or not but they believe most people are sentient beings who deserve what information is available so that they can choose their own destiny.  Manipulation of others is a liberal trait that both dem and RINO GOP have practiced big time for many decades now.

But with the recent arrival of peak liberalism things are changing.  People who harmed and intimidated and abused others 5, 10, 20+ years ago are now being wrecked in real time.  The conservative wrecking ball has been absolutely awesome and entertaining to watch.  And I am not alone in understanding its meaning.  The elite now realize that the sheeple are waking up from their cyclic slumber and that they are looking a lot more like a herd of angry water buffalo or mighty bison who are to be feared than hapless sheep who can be easily sheared.

Factions within big government is now in an all out public battle to gain the confidence of the people.  It is literally a political running gun battle the likes of which have not been seen in well over 60 years.  Why now?  Because as I have said all along, the elite were never really in charge even though it seemed like they were and they themselves had even come to believe it.  The truth is that as long as people were docile and sleepy and did not protect themselves, the elite would be as lions, working as a pack, picking off the herd one by one as needed in order to stay well fed and in the appearance of control.  But, like the battle at Kruger video which I have referenced many times in these pages over the past several years, sometimes the herd just decides to wake up and assert itself as the real authority of humanity and when it does, the elite are forced to abandon many of their corrupt ways.  In fact, the smart ones pull back and begin to side with the people calling for more transparency, more truth, etc.  

They are not doing this for our good but rather for their own.  It is a tactical retreat that must be done lest they try to hold their ground and take the very big risk that they will be trampled to dust. It  is part of the tactical fall back plan to release information.  The most marginal (i.e. least useful, least insightful to the big picture) is always released first.  Those who release hope it will help the herd trust and follow them.  In other words, it is done to build confidence in a collapsing con game.

And there should be no doubt that the con is in serious trouble right now.  The big stinky political battles are historically fought behind closed doors but Trump's actually tweaking his every thought, his every insult in real time.  Again, the showman knows that he needs to gain the confidence of the people and while this level of transparency shows what a whiffle-waffle moron Trump actually is, at least it comes off as real and genuine and not as a control mechanism.  That is the intended effect and its clear that despite all of the turbulence we are seeing in the adminisphere, Trump is slowly winning.

It is under these circumstances that we are now getting credible UFO evidence from the US government that is recent and which is backed up by that all-important communications tool, video.  This video and the story behind it happened back in 2004.  If government was going to release it ever, why did it not happen back in 2004?  Why did it happen just recently?  Well, I just explained why.  Back in 2004 things were under control and the herd was not pissed at government.  But today the herd is widely discontent.  Something was needed to capture the attention.  Something was needed to show that government is trying to be more transparent.  And in fact you can bet that some within government are ranting up and down negatively about this release.  Not because the release is harming the public but rather because it was their secret, their little claim on power.

The NY Times also needs to capture the interest of the public and to gain credibility.  If you read the story above you will see how they grandstand about how the public was very interested in their Sunday front page cover UFO story and how it took them a long time to vet the story blah blah blah.  None of this background is news, so thinking people have to wonder why the NY Times thinks that this part of it is worth reporting.  My view is that they want credit and credibility for the deed of actually telling the truth about anything given that it has become so common for news media to simply report propaganda instead of news.  They are now in confidence rebuilding mode and the positive feedback they got for telling the truth will feed on itself and lead to more truth telling until we finally see the engine of investigative reporting, which has been in cold storage for decades, again fire to life.

Not because they want to, but simply because there is no other choice except to fade in relevance until they go bankrupt from lack of subscribers.  That statement is true for news, for politicians, for the entire military industrial complex.  It's not obvious to most people today but it will be in just 3-5 years.  Its on rails now and coming at us like a freight train.

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