Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Jail time over shark dragging is shark jumping.

In the news recently is the prospect of jail time for some yay-hoos who caught a shark and then dragged it to death behind their boat.  The social media calls it animal abuse, shocking, disturbing, EIEIO M-O-U-S-E.  Here is the vid.  It clearly shows some guys laughing at the shark being bounced around behind the boat.  For this grand offense against the planet, they are being investigated for criminal charges that could land them in jail.

First let me say that male children often have a sadistic streak that can pop out every now and again.  Some do mean things to their pets, some take it too far and cause harm to the animals.  But most of the time the abuse is something mean but essentially without physical harm like throwing ice water on a dog or tying a fire cracker on a string to his tail.  I don't advocate any of this kind of childish crap but this is not something that you can legislate out of a population.  These young men were acting like children, no doubt.  But jailing them is going to do far greater harm than good.  Liberals always want to make an example out of someone else while they themselves are secretly doing worse things.

We live in a society where men and women with briefcases and titles happily work in government where they send drones to kill entire wedding or funeral parties in order to kill one guy (whose crime might simply be that he knows too much about the rife internal corruption of our government).  Where is the outcry over the slaughter of these humans?  Liberals don't seem to care.  But when some fools drag a stupid shark along the water for some stupid idea of excitement, all the liberals are up in arms and wanting "social justice".  For a fucking shark!

I personally have done a lot of fishing.  I want to admit my crimes that I have indeed killed, and, gulp, eaten fish many many times.  When I had them on the hook I also admit that I sometimes high fived with my friends for having made the catch.  Those fish I caught must have felt some pain.  And of course, all of them ended up dead!  What a rotten criminal I must be for having done this!!  I will also admit that more than once while fishing for game fish my line has been taken by fish that I do not eat, like barracuda.  While I try to live-release them I will admit that sometimes the fight will kill a high performance fish like a barracuda.  And while I have not been known to waste gasoline dragging the dead fish behind my boat, neither do I feel much of any remorse for the death of the fish.  Probably because its just a fish!  I guess the fact that I don't break down to my knees and sob for the forgiveness of Mother Gaia that makes me a monster and criminal charges should apply according to fake do-gooder liberals.

In this short vid we see some tuna fishermen dragging a massive bluefin tuna beside their boat.  The once majestic tuna is either dead (with a gaff through the head or a flying gaff through the body) or rapidly dying.  In my book 100 sharks are not worth that one beautiful massive tuna.  But you can clearly hear the glee and laughter from those participating in this epic crime. Why aren't these guys going to jail for this shocking, despicable, horrendous act?  Is the fact that they killed it to sell its meat and keep parts of its body as a trophy somehow a defense?  They are dragging this tuna!!  This tuna is for sure dying!  They are laughing!  How is this combination of death, destruction, torture and disrespect for the animal all that different from the dragged shark?

In other words, if you found yourself brainwashed by the media trying to vilify the shark draggers then you need to wake the Fuck up and start living in the real world.  The sooner the better.

By the way, anything you post online can and will be used against you by a system which wants desperately to distract an awakening public from all the dirty shit that has been going on in liberal Hollywood, liberal government, liberal business and liberal military adventurists for the past 50 years.  Try not to be a tool of the manipulators without being afraid to tell the truth.

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