Thursday, December 31, 2015

Big fire at 60 story Dubai hotel threatens complete collapse...

...or not.

The part about the fire is completely true.  At least 15% - 20% of the total volume of The Address Hotel in Dubai was completely engulfed in flames.  This is a hot, fast moving fire which went from zero to what you see within 10 minutes.  It moved so quickly that one might be led to believe that accelerant was involved but that is not my point.  My point is that this is not some oxygen starved fire burning cold.  This is literally a towering inferno.  The entire right hand side is engulfed in flames.  According to those who blamed office fires for the 9-11 WTC7 collapse, this building should be ready to collapse now.

But of course it has not collapsed and it will not collapse.  I know with absolute certainty that it will not collapse because it is a steel frame building that is designed to never collapse in the event of fire.  On my side is the fact that never before in history has any steel frame building collapsed as a result of any fire of any ferocity including the monster fires shown at this link.

But WTC7 fires, at their worst, just prior to its collapse only looked like this:

Now, in the event that you have allowed yourself the luxury of extreme head in the sand ignorance regarding the events of that day, please have a look at the fires that blazed in WTC5 in the picture below.  Why did the minor fires of WTC7 supposedly cause it to collapse so perfectly when WTC5 didn't collapse at all after having multiple floors completely burned out?  You can see better how bad the fires of WTC5 were in this video.

It's about time we stop pretending about this folks.  There will never be any way forward for me and for millions of other thinking Americans until we get a full and credible investigation and public report of what really happened on 9-11.  No, I will never forget about this because it was the biggest act of treason ever committed on US soil.  Its effects were far reaching and long lasting and it will never, ever just quietly go away like the liberals hope it will.  There must be accounting for this, that is conservatism 101 and conservatism is on the upswing.

Enjoy this very short video on the matter as well.

Here's to a new, conservative president in 2016 and a full accounting of the 9-11 treason before the end of 2018.  Those of you who laughed/are laughing at me about this can use that opportunity to man up and apologize for your ignorance, gullibility and arrogance.
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