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For several years now I have been proving the power of proper Elliott wave analysis from a trading perspective using my free Economati blog.  My success has been such that I would like to do this full time and as such I'll need to be paid.  But ad based revenue schemes are not my style and so I am now offering a subscription based Elliott wave charting service which covers a variety of charts and sector.  Elliott waves give us an enhanced degree of market timing potential not only in planning and executing purchases but also in setting up profit taking points as well as stop loss risk mitigation points.  I cover all major indices, precious metals and miners, tech, oil, you name it.

The price for this subscription service is $39.95/month.  Cancel anytime, no questions asked and no reasons needed.

I will maintain the Economati main site for now and have added a Subscribers menu item that will take you to a new blog site which subscribers can also access directly.  The vast majority of my real time charts will only go to the paid site and the original site will be left to the higher level commentary and the occasional free teaser chart.

Rest assured that your information will never be sold to an ad bot which is so common a practice these days with online subscriptions.  All of a sudden you start getting emails from people you don't know and whose spam service you never signed up to.  I find that maddening and so I have always avoided the ad based revenue model all these years that I have been writing Economati.  That will not change any time soon.  Your information is safe with me.

If you are interested in getting all my charts on every sector I cover, please subscribe via PayPal using the button below.  The code for this subscription is embedded in the button.

Thanks again to all my supporters.  I believe that ours will be a profitable partnership over time.  I know that I am having a fantastic year in the markets so far and I hope you are doing the same.

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