Wednesday, May 25, 2016

You think your problem in the coming years will be terrorists??

Please recall how many times in the past I have laid this out:

- Foolish liberals demand high compensation for their work

- In a rising trust environment of a growing trust con (confidence game based on trust), people begin to accept wimpy promises instead of actual payments.  Pension promises soar in locked step with the growth of the credit supply because people mistake credit growth for economic growth.  So why not promise labor whatever they want?   The economy will always "grow" in order to pay for it...

- At some point the credit peaks.  Banks become encumbered by bad debt and then have to be bailed out by the people.  But the political blow back is huge: liberals politicians are sent packing across the spectrum and a message is sent loud and clear by the people to the politicians: we are not going to pay for all of your sins.  

- The people who never cared about if or how or who was going to pay for all of the excesses begin to realize that if they just sit there stupidly it will be them.  And so they do the terrible deed: They begin to self organize outside of government and these new organizations begin to change minds and they change election results.  After all, if people are self organizing and self leading, the stock of politicians goes down big time.  As a result politicians are put on notice and in turn they put the bankers on notice.  The bankers don't want to be dragged before congress or thrown into jail in order to appease the crowd and so they begin to act a lot more conservative.  The SEC wakes up and begins to enforce the rules.  Scapegoats are roasted over public open pit fires and the conservative message is reinforced.

- All of this reduces the credit portion of the money supply.  All the efforts of central monetarists simply make the ever more conservative people ever more fearful.  And so the economy winds down in a self-reinforcing spiral.

- At some point the workers become economic obstructionists.  Since marginal players are hurt first and worst we see it happening in liberal Hell Holes like France first.   The result is supply chain interruptions and pain for the end consumer.  Not because there is not enough to go around.  Simply because promises are being broken left and right and those doing the work decide to make someone very unhappy about it besides themselves.

This will be our main problem in the coming years: pissed off liberals who foolishly believed in the Wimpy Promises that were told to them will disrupt the lives of everyone in a temper tantrum that basically says, "I know that haircuts will have to be taken but everyone else should bear the brunt because I'm going to get mine".

I have nothing to worry about middle eastern terrorists.  All preparations I have made (stored food, gold and silver, guns and ammo, fresh water capability, solar power generation) were made because I know that foolish liberals who believed in the lies told by their government-god will be very angry when the Mammon Money system lets them down.

Hey Venezuela, just default already!

Today we hear that the corrupt Venezuelan government is making bond payments by selling off the nation's gold.  This is good for government officials in the short term as it allows them to remain in their undeserved positions for a bit longer.  But the price is eventual destruction of the Venezuelan economy as their fake paper money will continue to hyperinflate.

Let's face it: Venezeula is bankrupt.  It should just default.  Yes, that will cause it to lose rights to make credit rollover/extend and pretend deals with its creditors but then it would be left with the national gold supply in hand with which to rebuild confidence in the fake paper money.  Selling the gold at the ridiculously low price of $1200 USD is like giving away the national treasure so that a few useless bureaucrats can suckle at the public teat for a few months more.

Venezuela is already bankrupt.  All that is happening now is the calculating of who will have to pay for it.  I ask you, who was the beneficiary of all that debt?  The people??  HARDLY.  It was the corrupt politicians who borrowed to spend (with them taking a corrupt cut of every deal in the form of kickbacks no doubt).  The people are idiots to accept that they should pay for this.  The best solution is to take their politicians into the streets and then look for a rolling bus to toss them under.

Figuratively speaking, of course...

Monday, May 23, 2016

Welcome to the disappearing pension act.

As I predicted years ago, pensions are now going "poof" overnight with the stroke of a pen.  Today's news on this is that the trucker's union pension looks to be gutted by 60% or more in order to achieve stability.  And that is when stocks are near their all time highs.  Imagine what it will be like when the depression hits the US.

I will say that I am sorry to see truckers getting F-ed like this.  They work as hard as anyone and they do not deserve to get screwed out of their retirement money.   At the same time, I don't feel so badly about it that I care to make them whole at my expense (read my share of taxpayer bailout should someone want to do that). 

No, I think those who backed the liberal unions made their beds and now they can lie in them just like the rest of us will have to lie in whatever bed we made for ourselves during our working lives.  If we try to save every collapsing fund here is what we will find: the first to get out will get out in good shape but at some point the collapse will be too great to bail out.  So why should anyone get out whole on the backs of the other tax payers.

No, Teamster truckers, I'm sorry, but you should have been reading my blog earlier.  Had you done that you would know that any value of yours held by someone else is their property the first time a crisis hits. In other words possession really is 9/10ths of the law.  Always has been, always will be.  It is for exactly this reason that I laugh each time I hear that someone wants to store my gold and silver coins for me (as if it is very hard to do on your own...).  No, bozo bankers, you cannot store my retirement money for me because if I let you do that then I know it will not be there for me in retirement!  How many times do sheeple have to learn these lessons??

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO Goldman Sachs tells the truth.

In a recent article Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, tells us little people what is needed in order to get the economy going again.  In a word, "confidence".

PLEASE read the story.  Twice.  And then don't wonder where you have heard these same exact words over and over again because you are reading the source right now.   The money powers are running a global debt Ponzi. They know it, I know it, many know it.  Mark and Patsy don't know it but they do know that they keep getting more and more screwed despite 1) working hard and trying to get ahead and 2) hearing from our "leaders" that everything is great and getting better each day.  One day M+P will realize that a leader is something that a fisherman ties a hook to in order to catch a fish.

The story goes on to say, "Evidence has emerged, both micro and macro, to suggest trust may play a crucial role in value creation. At the micro level, there is now ample evidence the degree of trust or social capital within a company contributes positively to its value creation capacity," said Haldane.
"At the macro level, there is now a strong body of evidence, looking across a large range of countries and over long periods of time, that high levels of trust and co-operation are associated with higher economic growth. Put differently, a lack of trust jeopardizes one of finance’s key societal functions — higher growth."

This is of course all true.  A herd that trusts its own members works as a team to accomplish amazing things.  But a house (or herd) divided cannot stand.  Put differently, you can use and abuse the semi-sentient livestock to a certain degree but after that they go out of their way to not be of service (the overloaded camel lies down and will not budge) and the elite cannot have that.  Why?  Because elitism is parasitism and a parasite needs a host.  The elite clearly know this.

And so, as I have said all along, after trying all else to gain confidence in a herd that has given up on the con, the con men must eventually resort to the nuclear option: TRUTH.  Only by telling the truth and only by beheading some of the snakes in a public way will the larger Medusa survive.  And so we will see more and more elite called to account, apologizing, crying publicly and of course going to jail.  Big conspiracies that M+P have only laughed at and rolled their foolish little eyes at will be admitted to openly by credible authorities who will of course feign sorrow at the telling of it.  The truth about 9-11 and other major obvious state sponsored injustices against the herd will be told.

It's coming and I can tell you why: without trotting out some juicy truths and without opening some doors to allow some skeletons to roll out of the closet, the elite are in jeopardy of the herd just deciding they are ALL corrupt and bringing in someone who will open ALL the skeleton closets and throw ALL the elite under the bus in order to prove his worth and to gain full trust of the herd.  Nobody and nothing can stand up against the herd once it is united in a direction.  Not the lions of Kruger and not the US/global elite.
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