Sunday, May 8, 2016

Trump tips his hand on the debt: he wants to default.

Now that Trump is the GOP candidate he's being more open about this grand plan for making America great again.  As I have written in these pages many times, Trump is a liberal in conservative disguise.  In true liberal fashion, Trump thinks that all problems are because of someone else.  The Chinese, according to Trump, have screwed us by agreeing to work for the past 30 years very hard so that Americans can enjoy a better lifestyle.  After all, we all have the stuff they made by the sweat of their brow and all they have of ours is the green paper.   I think he knows better but he is pandering for votes.  After all, if you just tell the truth like Ron Paul then you are a loon.

In any case, Trump is now telling the NY Times that all we have to do is rack up as much debt as possible at these low rates and when the interest rates finally begin to go up we simply tell our creditors that we can't pay it all off and therefore they should take a haircut.  It's very smart, he says.  Basically, if you owe your creditors a little money but cannot pay then you have a problem but if you own them a lot of money and you tell them you will not pay then it is they that have the problem.

Gee, Donald, why didn't we think of this ingenious liberal dead beat strategy before??  That's some real keen thinking there, hairpiece!  A real "kan't lose" solution to all our woes.  And of course you know what comes next.  Our creditors cry and scream about getting fvcked and then begin doing things to retaliate. Maybe supply chains are disrupted.  Maybe they cut us off from more debt.   You know, the usual things one would expect to do to any deadbeat.  But then Donald will call it a national security threat.  You know what comes next: creative destruction, AKA war.

Trump is making Hillary look conservative.

By the way, are you getting enough of the Trump speech template?  "I am the king of debt. I do love debt. I love debt and I love playing with it.

What a content-free, serial-bankruptcy artist a$$hole Trump is.

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Augustine said...

Maybe the US would even suffer sanctions or be blocked from SWIFT. But, it's OK, for none of this was an act of war when the US did it, so surely neither would be regarded as an act of war when the US is at the receiving end. Right?

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