Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Jim Rogers goes hyper conservative.

In all the years I have been listening to Jim Rogers I have found him to be a reasonable thinker.  But never and I mean never would I have thought that he would come out with a financial prediction that he somehow linked to Bible prophecy.  Until today.  Generally these "Bible code" people are just selling something and trying to play on people's fears.  But Rogers has been fearful of the direction that the markets are going in for several years now and he never invoked the Bible in his arguments before so I was really set back to hear him and watch him do it.  Bible code or not, he will eventually be right even if he cannot predict the day or the hour because the real fundamental of the bust - debt - is growing exponentially just like I said it would.  Every couple years I like to remind folks about this post I wrote back in 2010 (wow, has it already been 6 years writing this blog??).

I think the conservative mood is affecting everyone and as I predicted long ago it would bring with it a great return to religion.  After all, when times are good, who needs God?  Yeah, let's uplift vampirism, witchcraft and magic, the Devil and all kind of anti-God stuff because of course, a herd with full stomachs thinks that it needs no help from God.  It also thinks gold is a pet rock.  In other words, the herd gets drunk on the false prosperity of hyper liberalism (which is always accompanied by fake money as its energy source).

Mark my words, these things are all peaking right now.  The latest shark jump is that useless twit Obama's gay monument.  Watch out folks, those sharks are now jumping 30 feet out of the water and can easily land in your boat!  Folks, I don't care if gay people have a monument or not.  I don't like it and I don't dislike it.  I just don't give a damn one way or the other.  But I do care that our government is wasting tax money on this kind of thing whether for gays or for anyone else.  This is not culture.  The government does not define my values.  Therefore let me put up monuments to straight, conservative Ellioticians if that's what I want to do (hey, not a bad idea at that ;  ) and let the gay communities do the same for themselves if they want to but let the government butt the fvek out of this kind of thing altogether. 

While Obama embarrasses himself with what are obviously lame duck maneuvers designed to win votes for Hillary, many gay people are looking at this and saying "Why don't they just leave us in peace? We don't want all this attention.  We just want to live quiet lives".  Those are the smart ones because when this pendulum reverses it is pretty clear that an anti-liberal, anti-gay backlash is coming.  All these TV shows with sex, lying, witchcraft, Devil uplifting and magic are going to disappear.  Which will really be a shame because the lead chick in "The Magicians" is hot.  LOL.

Remember how this usually works folks.  All things liberal are stair steps up but elevator down.  That's why the stock market behaves that way and it's why debt behaves that way.  All these things are liberal artifacts of human society.  When the re-conservatism is in full swing, all of these things are going to see elevator down.


Anonymous said...

There are about 62 persons on earth that own the wealth of 1/2 of the world.

They have much to lose.

There is nowhere for them to go.

There are frighten and scare.

The Captain said...

Let's be clear. They might own that much in paper assets but if they ever tried to liquidate the paper in order to acquire real hard assets you would quickly see the prices of hard assets rise dramatically such that much of the paper wealth ends up worthless.

Said differently, much of the elite wealth is an illusion because they don't really have the assets in hand. They have paper claims on the assets but so do 20 other people have claims on the exact same assets. We live in a fractionally reserved world and it applies to everything. The only elite that will be in good shape are the ones who sell out before the debt Ponzi collapses. Again, I don't want to make it sound like I think this is imminent because I don't know and neither does Jim Rogers or anyone else. Nobody knows the date and the hour when the herd just finally loses confidence in the grand con game.

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