Sunday, May 8, 2016

Don't worry, the financial crisis is over because Ben Bernanke saved us.

Ben Bernanke pumped up the global debt Ponzi for a few more years and so idiots think that we are saved and that the crisis is over.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  A Ponzi isn't over until it collapses.  Greece is going through all the motions now of becoming a failed state.  Debt brought them down and debt will do the same to all debtors.  The politicians think they can just screw the workers out of their promised benefits and payments and that nothing bad will come of it.  Of course, something bad will come it it!  It will results in supply chain disruptions, shortages, and civil unrest just like is happening in Greece on an ongoing basis.  Eventually it will result in civil war.

War in the very marginal countries of the middle east and old Soviet bloc is almost a given but war in the marginal westernized countries is a warning shot for the whole world.  Civil war is coming to Greece and there is one and only one reason why it has come to this: acceptance of a fake and fraudulent money supply based on fiat currency and especially fractional reserve banking.  Everything else is noise when compared to this underpinning tenet of the Great Debt Con.

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