Sunday, May 1, 2016

Things are just getting worse in Venezuela

The stories coming out of Venezuela now rival those of the US great depression certainly in scope if not in severity.  I mean, you have people standing in line to collect their daily allotment of survival goods, rolling blackouts and complete collapse of services.  While the government does its best to stay in power above all else, it performs a variety of deck chair rearrangements to act like it is doing something.  All the while it blames this force and that cause, blah blah blah.

The situation in Venezuela is not mysterious.  They participated in the global debt Ponzi at a marginal level.  Now that it is in decline, they are hit the first and eventually the worst.  Look how the people queue up in lines and change their living schedule at government behest when what they should be doing is dragging their leaders into the streets doing the Qaddafi shuffle on their heads.

Good people of Argentina, why do you just sit there and take this crap?  Is it that you are powerless to change anything because you have no weapons?  Well, yes, it is.  Isn't it?  At least partially so.  The other reason of course is that you really don't know what the Hell is going on, do you?  Not most of you at least.  Since you never saw this coming and since you don't know how an economy really works or what the rightful role of money is or what the consequences of taking on debt are, then how could you see this coming?

Well if misery loves company then you will be getting happier soon because you are just the tip of the sword of debt Ponzi collapse.  Everyone else will eventually follow.  Why?  Because the whole damned world is ensnared in the curse of Mammon money, that is, debt based money made up of fiat currency and fractional reserve lending.   Its a trap that there really is no easy way out of.  It's like getting caught in the gravitational field of a black hole.  It sucks the power out of you as it sucks you down into itself.

Seriously folks, wake up but quick.  Read about how those whose Ponzi's have collapsed are now living.  Stock up on the basics while there is something to stock up on and for crap's sake, get a gun or two and enough ammo to declare your own personal sovereignty because when the nearly 20 trillion in US debt begin to come tumbling down there really won't be many places to hide and the only one who will be there to help you is you.  Don't wait for it to happen.  Start now.

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