Thursday, August 31, 2017

White woman to cop: I'm afraid you will shoot me if I go for my cell phone.

Perhaps you have seen the recent vid of a Georgia police Lt. telling a white woman that she has nothing to fear from him because cops only kill black people during traffic stops.  I personally think he was being sarcastic and trying to talk a drunk hysterical woman down off her unwarranted fears but he could not have chosen a worse way to do it:

Cop: "Use your phone, it's in your lap right there"

Allegedly Intoxicated Lady trying to cover for the confusion caused by her likely light to medium state of intoxication: "OK, I just don't want to put my hands down. I'm really sorry, I just...

Cop: (finishing her sentence for her) "You're just what?"...
Lady: "No no no.   I've just seen way too many videos of cops shooting people".

Cop: "But you're not black. Remember we only kill black people.  Yeah we only kill black people right?  In all the videos you've seen did you ever see any white people get killed?

Lady: "Yes."

Cop: "You have."

First off the lady probably had been drinking and the cop in this case did not appear to be on a steroid trip like so many of them are.  So in reality she should be busted for DWI and he should not be feared outside of how he is about to ruin her life for the DWI bust.  She is in no physical danger.

While these things are great to know after the fact, nobody knows anything in real time.  The lady was in fact correct, cops do shoot waaaaaaay too many unarmed motorists because the cops are very nervous.  I don't know if this unwarranted nervousness is due to taking drugs on duty, shooting steroids, being cowardly by nature or simply due to abject stupidity.  But since it happens so often it is not normal and yes one or more of the reasons above is likely to be involved.  The cop is also correct, police DO mainly shoot black people.  The woman is also correct, no, just being white should not make you think that a dickhead cop will not end you.  They are more nervous around blacks but they do kill whites too on occasion.

So let's also set those truths aside.  This cop is a LT.  He should know better than to engage in this kind of unprofessional banter with a citizen.  In fact, it shows disrespect to do so.  He was mocking her and I did not find it funny because too many truths are said in jest.  That cop needs to be shown the door for his flippant behavior.  He needs to be made an example of so that other cops know that even LTs are going down for being unprofessional toward their real bosses which are we the people.

That LT thought he was being cute but it is going to whack him hard.  Even if he stays on the force his career advancement is over.  As well it should be if for no other reason than it was his own damned dash cam that is the key evidence against him.  If he shows such poor judgement as to forget he is on his own video saying these things, he has no situational awareness and needs to be removed from duty immediately.  Perhaps the local high school will have a janitorial position available for his funny, hysterical little self.

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