Thursday, August 17, 2017

Trigger happy cop apologzes to the man he shot 4 times for no damned reason.

Well, well, well.  Who'd a thunk that the cops would start going to jail for their illegal shootings?  I mean, 2-3 years ago a cop could walk up, turn off his body cam and car cam, shoot you in the face, plant a knife on you and get away with it.  Heck when they didn't have a knife handy they would just say you were resisting arrest and that you "lunged" (they love that word) for their gun.  In return, they had to empty their clip into your body as it slumped to the ground.  It didn't matter if your crime was jaywalking or driving without a seat belt or simply suspicion of doing these things.

Police state murder in the USA was fully institutionalized until just very recently.  If a cops shot someone justly to stop a crime, they would grandstand the guy and proclaim him a hero.  But if he instead made a bad kill then "the system" had a scripted response.  First they would whisk the cop away from the public limelight and a lawyer for the police beneviolent (sic) society would say nobody can talk to the press about the case because it was the subject of an investigation.  The cop would go on 6 weeks vacation, errrrr, paid leave, and then as soon as the uproar died down and the victim was in the ground the city lawyers would approach the family with a settlement, paid for by taxpayers, telling them that going after the officer won't bring their loved one back etc.

Lather, rise, repeat over and over and over again.  It was like a script and it worked like a charm.  Shoot first, shoot to kill and don't worry because the upper ranks got your back.   Just don't leave witnesses!  Dead men cannot defend themselves.  What they were doing was so obvious.  Armed with this kind of police state policy, the police began acting like organized crime even stooping to "public asset forfeiture" where they would just take your property at gunpoint and then it would be up to you to pay a ton of money to a lawyer to get it back.  And if you screamed too loudly about it they would rough you up and if you fought back they would kill you without blinking.  Sorry if this is graphic but it was soooo out of control.

Over time the cops knew they were nothing but paid thugs and so they started becoming scared of their own shadows.  Any wrong move by you and they would draw and fire.  You know why?  Because in their steroid pumped pea brains we the people were the enemy.  They would occasionally come across someone who wouldn't lie down and take the abuse and the cops were $hit-themselves scared of these people.  In big cities, the only brave cop was one who was armored up and had a 10:1 strength advantage over the victim.  But what people didn't see is that this pack behavior that was drilled into their heads just ruined them for 1 on 1 operations.  Outside of the pack they felt weak and vulnerable and so they overreacted many, many times.  But that was OK until the people started standing up for themselves and the leadership saw that their own asses would be in trouble if they didn't start making examples.  And so cops started getting tried in court and losing.  And then they would do real jail time.

In today's story, the cop messed up by not killing his victim despite firing at him 4 times.  As a result, the cop got sentenced to twelve (12) years in the slam.  In court, the once tough guy cop apologized to his victim and admitted that the victim had done nothing wrong to be shot for and that the cop himself was the one in the wrong.

As if we couldn't see that from the vid...

Trust me when I tell you that this kind of thing is being watched by every cop out there and it is going to make them think twice before they want to pull that gun out and start blasting away.  They are starting to understand that the establishment is really not their friend and that cops will be thrown under the bus to be softened up as fresh meat for the angry population.

Cops should be held to a higher standard than citizens because we are forced, not asked, to place our trust in them.  So if they "screw up" the consequences should be dire (and 12 years of hard time for not even killing the guy is certainly dire consequences).  Look for this trend to continue to the point where cops start actually get treated unfairly.  They will have gone from getting every benefit without doubt to never getting the benefit of the doubt.  Yeah I know, it sound crazy.  But this is what my models are telling me and they have been pretty darned accurate so far.

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