Thursday, October 27, 2016

California to be outed as the condominium of states.

I've never owned a condo but I always considered condo fees as a form of rent since they are not optional.  Also, some developer generally has control of the "services" that those living in a condo must purchase as well as the price that they must be purchased at.  Much of it is designed to make the condo "owners" maintain property that does not belong to them.  So it was with some shock that I learned how all of this worked during the 2008 economic collapse wherein many condo owners saw their monthly payments skyrocket simply because their neighbors were walking away from their properties and no longer paying that monthly condo association fee.

I would have thought that this would be the problem of those administering the condos, not the individual condo owners.  I would have thought that the monthly payment was fixed.  But indeed, it was not.  So those who were the last to leave many of the condos in the hardest hit areas of Florida saw their finances wither as the tax, which is essentially what a condo fee is, increased due to others bailing on the condo Ponzi.

Well, something for nothing states like California are going to be in the same boat IMO and the evidence is mounting that it has already begun.  You see, corrupt California government made hundreds of billions of dollars worth of Pension Ponzi Promises to state workers in order to make big government bigger.  But now the bill is coming due and it is getting difficult to float more bonds in order to kick the can down the road.  So the cities there are now ratcheting up the taxes in order to make up the shortfall.

The people are being told that the increases are needed to cover budget deficits.  The government makes it sound like a one and done.  But that is never the case.  Each year there will be a new one and done.  The reasons are threefold.  First, the boomers are retiring at an exponential rate and many boomers were in useless but well paid government jobs.  This is why all of a sudden we are hearing about the need to fund pensions.  The need has been there all along but simply ignored because the system could still keep up with the retirement rate.  But now the retirement rate is going to swamp the system.  The retirements not only kick off the new expense of pension payments and that is bad enough.  But the retirements also mean less income tax revenue for the state.  So less money coming in is used to address rising payouts.  Not good folks.  This is not good at all. 

But there is another force that I also think is significant and that is that people are taking State Farm's advice to "Get to a better state".  Yes, the smart people see the writing on the wall.  They know that Cally is going to become a tax Hell and they are getting out while the getting is good.  This is why the Austin metro area is seeing an influx of 150+ people per day.  The great herd migration has just begun.   And for every person that leaves Cally, they also leave their "share" of the Ponzi payment for whoever is left, just like Fl condo owners did in 2008.

It's a shame about Cally.  I grew up there with Reagan as gov. and it was a nice place to live.  It was diversified but NOT the liberal Hellhole that it has since become.  Perhaps after the liberals ruin it and all of their crap collapses then we conservatives can retake the state.  Until then I have to agree with State Farm: get to a better state while the getting is good.  The cost of living in Cally is about to skyrocket.  All these new taxes will eventually show up as higher prices for everything.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Former Senator D'Amato: the fix was in for Hillary

Credibility for the FBI is in free fall collapse for clearing Hillary of all wrong doing in the email gate matter.  The latest to speak up is former NY GOP Senator Al D'Amato who went on the public record with, "Anyone else would've been indicted multiple times, but Hillary Clinton obviously had the fix in.".

As you can see, the corrupt system that was built by Mammon money is now at a major state of infighting.  It's one thing for Dem and GOP to duke it out publicly and in fact some of that is expected by the citizens as the normal banter of a 2 party system.

What is NOT expected is for either of the status quo players to attack the basic credibility of the highest law enforcement agency of the land.  You just never see this in a healthy government and you literally always see it when a nation is teetering on the verge of collapse.

It is not just the people who are truly divided this time, it is the oligarchs as well.  That is very unusual.  Usually they make a big show in public and then laugh at the stupidity of the people behind closed doors.  The whole system is in a state of confusion now.  Average people are beginning to wake up to the things that I have been writing about for years now, namely that our government is just an organized criminal network.

What do you think joe bob and billy jack Trump supporters are thinking when they see big names like D'Amato accuse our own FBI of being in on a fix like this?  Do you think they feel morally bound by laws that everyone else is breaking?  I think that the more they see these kinds of supposedly outlandish things being said by major insiders, the less they believe that they should have to conform to any rules.  This is the stuff that civil wars are made of whether the pot is currently boiled over or not.

One more thing: Does this engender confidence in the issuing authority of our money supply?  Not no but Hell no.  Well, that is all that is propping up the dollar right now folks.  Confidence.  Confidence in a faith based money supply is not going to last when the key players prove that they are unfaithful traitors.  Comey is a traitor for giving Hillary a free pass.  He did it to secure himself because she is purported to be in the lead for president.  She will not fire her faithful lapdog (at least that is what he is thinking).

Comey worked with DOJ gave everyone an immunity deal:
Jason Chaffetz discusses it in this 2 minute video.
Trey Gowdy discusses it as well.

A longer vid of Gowdy who says immunity deals should result in prosecution.  But everyone here got immunity leaving nobody to be prosecuted.

I don't care for Trump either, but I have always said the plain truth in this blog and what we are witnessing here is treason, nothing less.  These people are trying to pick the next president, a woman who is a known criminal.  Because of this and contrary to what many must think, if she gets "elected" then nobody is going to listen to her.  If Hillary tells people to do something, look for a huge portion of the population to actively dig their heels in and tell her to fuck off, me included. 

I am reading comments in a lot of blogs and articles and the people are saying the same thing I have been saying.  They don't care what she declares for gun control, fuck you Hillary.  They don't care if she stacks the supreme court in a vile attempt to make it "legal".  Again, fuck you, Hillary.  They will simply never comply and neither will I.

Fuck you Hillary.

If Hillary gets "sElected" then I predict that we will continue to see the government fall apart with various agencies picking sides.  It is already a current trend with many in the police and military saying they will not comply but the trend will accelerate and become much more visible.  Confidence will be lost in the ability of the US to continue to lead the world.  Confidence will be lost in the issuing authority of the dollar because Hillary makes Putin look like an honest man.

Interesting British pound model update [FXB]

Back in this post I theorized that the US markets could fall with the British pound.  While that correlation didn't hold (as many often prove not to) the underlying model of the Great Britain Pound seems to be playing out almost exactly as modeled.  Here is the model provided back then which predicted a plunge would be coming in the pound. 

Here is current actual.  It shows that the pound peaked shortly after I made that post and the high was about $1.69 dollars to the GBP.  While I think the pound gets a bounce soon, it still looks to have one more wave down before it bottoms and then becomes a screaming, flaming buy.  Why???  Because the presence of the horizontal triangle literally guarantees that we are on the final wave of this sequence.

By the way, nobody else was calling for a collapse in the pound at that time.  Only the Elliott wave model predicted it.  That's the simple truth of the matter.  Elliott waves work.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

IBD poll has Trump leading by ~2 points.

Many people say Trump has already lost but a couple of recent polls.  They say that Trump not pledging to accept the initial election results without a review was the last nail in his political coffin.  Others, however are not throwing in the towel yet.  For example, the most recent IBD poll has Trump ahead by 1.8 percentage points.  Historically, the Vegas odds have been the most likely to be correct since they have real money at stake.  Oddschecker has Hillary the clear favorite.  However, Vegas got it wrong for the last congressional elections.  GOPs creamed the dems big time.  In charting, when I see a stock go up despite bad news or I see one go down even with good news it is always a sign of a major direction change.  Little could be worse than the cloud that the media has cast over Trump for his recording of coarse language and 14 year old adolescent bragging.  Forget about Hillary's inherent criminality over the course of decades, it's all about Trump shooting off his mouth.  Or so the media would have us believe...

I wonder if we will see a collapse in traditional wisdom again here.  It has been a long standing tenet of my model that late in the Ponzi and early in the collapse we will see a series of signs that we should not be ignoring.  One of them is that the old ways that seemed so fool proof for decades on end simply stop working, and nobody saw it coming.  The lions kill the herd, kill the herd, kill the herd everyone seems to accept it as normal that it is the herd's place to be killed and it is the lion's place to do so easily and without significant consequence.  It generally works like that and so, the conventional wisdom asserts, it will always work like that.  Until of course, the herd snaps at all the mistreatment and we have a battle at Kruger where the herd begins to act uncharacteristically intelligently and aggressively toward its oppressors.

No matter what happens and whoever wins we will see a time when Americans have never been so divided.  No matter what happens, half the population is going to be very angry about the outcome.

Friday, October 21, 2016

EU successfully crashes a billion dollars into Mars

The EU elite love to waste money even  more than the US elite even as the problems facing the EU are much deeper than those of the US.  The latest evidence point on this is the completely unnecessary and now confirmed failed Schiaparelli Mars probe mission.  The dark spot in the picture below is all that remains of the what is left of the billion dollar probe.

Gee, I wonder what the taxpayers must be thinking.  The EU has proven several times that it sucks in space yet their elite continue to need technical sandboxes and playgrounds to continue "earning" their bloated salaries in.  At least when the US sends a mission there is a high chance that it will work.  The American Mars rover program was also a complete waste of money but at least we got some pictures...or at least we think we do.  That's what they have told us.  Perhaps instead there is a very expensive sound stage in Hollywood with Top Secret clearance required for entry...

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