Thursday, October 6, 2016

The wars drums are beating again

As predicted in these pages years ago, the artificial pump of fake money kept the global peace for a number of years while at the same time ensuring that when war finally comes again, it will be a doozy.  Mankind seems to, as a whole, be something of an earthquake fault line.  If there are regular skirmishes (small quakes), the pressure seems to be vented and kept from going critical.  But if something stops the quakes from happening it does not stop the underlying movements of the tectonic plates.  Thus, without relief on a regular basis, we end up with a superquake.  I worry that we are headed towards the same thing in human civilization.  Years of fake prosperity based on debt have allowed governments to amass huge arsenals of weaponry that never could have been paid for though simple taxation - the bill would be too high and the workers would revolt. So they taxed us a token amount and then paid for the rest with debt.  Exponentially rising debt.

But now that we are at or near peak global credit we are seeing people with shorter tempers and lately the war drums and rhetoric have grown louder.  Whereas an artificially full dinner plate piled high with good things to eat without having had to work for them makes the herd docile, an declining plate which keeps getting smaller despite working harder tends to make the herd ornery.  An ornery herd is an unpredictable and volatile one.

In a world of declining budgets, the war mongers of the global nations would love to have a war because war is their business.  Without war, the people wonder why they are uplifting the war class and paying for their expensive toys.  Congress gets pinched about it by the angry herd who would like to see some of the debt money spent on them.  Congress in turn shuts down or curtails spendy military programs.  The military industrial complex, sensing their obsolescence, does what is needed in order to keep war top of mind in the herd including ridiculous hero worship of troops, starting wars in other countries like Syria and then "helping" the situation out by taking sides and killing people in an arbitrary fashion.

If we had any sense, which we clearly do not as a species, we would shut all the warmongers down by any means necessary and stop trying to be the world's dictator.  Instead of focusing on the transgressions of other nations and promising to fix all their problems we should realize that we have just as many of the same kinds of problems in our own country.  If someone says "Putin has torture gulags where prisoners don't have rights" then we are supposed to be all up in arms about it.  But we have Gitmo and we have secret police detention centers in Chicago.  Many people who went in their on their feet came out on their backs.  Once in those doors they lost all rights.  Maybe we should worry about our own transgressions and leave others to their own ways.

Of course, that is the conservative view and while things are swinging conservative slowly, they are still wildly liberal in toto here in the US.  So it is up to us to keep a close watch on the warmongers and shout them down publicly before they drag all of us into a 3rd world war which could easily result in a huge miscalculation about the outcome.

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