Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"Democratic Republic" of Congo near civil war

Most Americans are too busy with bread and circus to see the world outside of our borders for the chaos - ridden Hell holes that many of them are.  Today the BBC gives us a glimpse of the state of affairs in the supposedly Democratic Republic of Congo.  Or is it Dictatorial Regime of Congo?  At the end of the day there really is no difference as long as the nation is based upon fake money.

Yes, folks, I've done all of your geopolitical thinking for you.  If you want to do good for an otherwise craphole of a country, do your part to speed the demise of fake money.  Yes, the answer is as simple as that.  I began asking myself the hard questions years ago and I must admit that it took me far too long to fully internalize the truth.  Far too long, I say, because all the evidence is right before us.  As long as a nation labors under a fake money supply, it is a nation of slaves and masters.  In any slavery system, the more work the slaves do, the richer the masters get.  I can't ever imagine that slaves would be happy.  Even those born into it and who have never known anything else somehow still understand that they are getting screwed in the deal.  That's because they do not receive the fruits of their labor.

Look at the facts, people.  Hillary Clinton has never held a real job in the economy for several decades.  But despite this, her net worth is listed as $31 million.  Dollars.  HOW IN THE FUCK can that bitch have honestly made that kind of jack??  And Bill?  He's worth $80 million.  How can two "public servants" have more net worth than any two hundred or more people picked at random from the white pages?

Are you getting it?  They didn't earn it. They conned the rest of us out of it.  Hillary hasn't had 30 million dollars of economic productivity in her life.  She hasn't had 3 million.  But she's got a net worth of 30+ million somehow and that is after having a long life full of consumption.  Remember, all the fun and expensive times Hillary has enjoyed do not count in her net worth. 

All value comes from human labor and there is no way a public servant should EVER have 30 million bucks without a special prosecutor investigating where it came from.  In Hillary's case, much of it came from "speaking engagements" while she held public office.  Do you really think that a bunch of bankers give two ass farts what Hillary's personal thoughts are?  Really??  Of course they don't!  There just had to be some way to launder the bribes that they were paying her.  This is how a public "servant" becomes uber wealthy.  They commit treason against those they are supposed to be working for.

And so it goes.  These things are only possible when the money supply can be gamed.  If the bankers had to earn their money instead of creating it from thin aid then they would not have 30 million of extra cash to bribe Hillary with.  The amount of money being printed and leveraged into existence is beyond belief.  Stealing the buying power of people's money is nothing less than stealing their labor. And the effects are the same as any other labor theft system (AKA slavery): the rich get richer at the expense of everyone else.

If you look at the pictures of the DRC linked above there are a bunch of pissed of citizens running around throwing rocks and Molotov cocktails.  Few of them are even armed but the police are nowhere to be found because, after all, the people have lost fear of dying and therefore have a Viking's advantage over their oppressors.  So the establishment stays behind locked doors and issues press releases about how unstable things are getting.

And the poor people of DRC have no idea why they are mad.  IF the government sincerely wanted to make peace with its people and if it said "we'll do anything you ask to make this right" the people would sit there flabbergasted with nothing to say because, while they know they are getting screwed, they don't understand the mechanics of being enslaved by a fake money supply.  In some cases it is above their education level.  In some cases above their intelligence level.  But in most cases it is above their ability to suspend disbelief at the notion that something like the paper money itself can be the engine of their repression.

BUT IT IS, and nothing else will EVER matter until it is fixed and the country returns to honest money.  This chaos is starting in the marginal countries but then then it will spread and at some point it will simply become the norm and it will stay that way until it all comes to a head with the outcome being a return to sound money.

I want to tell every government teat sucker out there right now: go look at the pictures in the link.  Now imagine that instead of a bunch of rag tag unarmed people you have literally millions of well armed citizens, all pissed off at the same time AT YOU.  That is what is coming.  When it goes viral, exponential, the police won't be able to stop it nor the military.  It's one thing to drone (for that is now an official elitist verb...) 150 men women and children in some poor 3rd world country attending a funeral in order to get a small number of opposition leaders but if you play that game here in the US I guarandamntee you that a million people will guns will go to war against you.  No amount of build up of troops or equipment will matter.  You simply cannot win.  So you better start thinking how we are going to return to honest money before we get to that point because that is the only thing that will fix this (and even then only after a lot of bad things happen first).

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