Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Rasmussen: Hillary leads Donald by 4%

I watched the second debate between crooked Hillary and arrogant 14 year old child Donald.  My overarching view is that Hillary peaked too soon.  She should have held the dirt she dug up on Donald until before the 3rd debate.  But she was losing mojo and so she fired both barrels of her shotgun.

Trump took a hit on this because the blow was amplified by every stupid media person acting like Trump's behind the scenes trash talk is more important than real life.  I was impressed by just how much they talked it up.  But since there is nothing to it beyond shock value it will fade away just as quickly in the minds of the herd.   Let's face it folks, Howard Stern goes on the air every single day and his whole shtick is shock jock.  He talks about tits, ass, pussy, cocks and screwing all day long, every day.  Oh, and they pay him about $90 million dollars every year to do this!  That can only happen if his following is huge.

So where is the outrage??  Where are all the calls to censor Stern?  Are we not afraid that the tender ears of children will be ravaged by his sophomoric banter?  Stern is the KING of adolescent locker room talk.  So all those who showed such fake shock at hearing Trump's verbal drivel should, if they were in any way genuine, should be just as disgusted at Howard Stern's daily crap as they appeared to be at something someone secretly recorded Trump saying back in 2005.  But look at all the big names who rubbed elbows with Howard back in 2014 at his 60th birthday party.  Have these people no shame?  Are they all immoral sociopaths?

For example, Chris Christie slammed Trump's secretly recorded locker talk as indefensible.  But he also attended Stern's party and introduced Bon Jovi.  Governor Christie is a total hypocrite.  He is not the only one.  Anyone calling out Trump for being secretly recorded should be on a soap box every week ranting against Howard Stern being globally broadcasted.  But they are not because they are hypocrites.

I think Trump is an ass. I've never changed my mind about that.  But that doesn't mean people should "Trump" up some stupid past private adolescent bragging as if it was in any way important because it simply is not.  And I think in another week or two this substance-less attack will fade in the minds of the herd.  But Hillary's transgressions are many and they are ongoing.  So again, I think Hillary might just have played her Trump card too early.

The recent Rasmussen poll seems to agree with me.  In it, Hillary only leads by 4%, not the huge 15% lead that some indicated would result from the Trump recording.  The herd will see this and those who are overreacting will be silenced as a result.  You see, most of the herd is made up of cowards.  They will never express a unique individual opinion or point of view.  That would be too risky.  Someone might call them out for it and then they would fear being ostracized.  For herding animals this is worse than death.  What is the big punishment in prison??  SOLITARY CONFINEMENT.  Being alone with one's own thoughts is a punishment for herding animals.  Most of the cowardly herd members will never do anything except pile on.  So when they see a respected poll like Rasmussen I predict that many of the loudest pile-oners will go back into their little quiet corner before someone comes after them publicly for being too concerned about Trump's adolescent banter.

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