Sunday, October 16, 2016

Welcome to the GOP meltdown.

This blog entry discusses the ongoing GOP meltdown.  You really don't need a link to it since it is so obvious but I do want to point out something that most people are probably NOT considering.  You see, the GOP has been less and less conservative and more and more liberal for a few decades now.  NeoCon is elite speak for "liberal with a conservative title".  We haven't had a conservative controlled GOP for 50 years.  Conservatives don't consume on debt.  Liberals do that.  Conservatives are pay go.  We haven't had anything even remotely approaching paygo at the government level for a very very long time.

When something gets as inbred and infested as our current political system it cannot be repaired has to be torn down, or melt down on its own before it can be rebuilt into something better.  People like Rand Paul are quietly sitting in the background working as real conservatives.  Paul is now simply waiting for the current GOP status quo to implode of its own corrupt weight so that he and his crowd can be seen as offering a real alternative to conservative citizens who will be thrown under the bus by the dying GOP.  The death of the current corrupt good old boy system GOP elite will certainly open the door to new, real conservative leadership in the coming years.

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Redondo Beach dude said...

From your lips to Gods ears... hopefully much sooner than later.
Rand Paul's time needed to be now; if he's as far ahead of his time as his father was, we are truly in for a complete catastrophe.

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