Sunday, October 9, 2016

Robert De Niro wants to punch Trump in the face.

It is a major tenet of my socionomic outlook that as the collapse heats up you will see the US get less and less civilized, perhaps even to the point of deunification of the states or even civil war.  The idea is simple: we enjoyed more prosperity than we deserved for decades simply by gaming the global money supply.  While other nations had huge segments of their populations grubbing out a daily living in the rice paddies, Americans have virtually no starvation because of massive socialistic safety nets.  It might sound good to many that it is like this and I agree that starvation is not a good thing but look at the animals in Africa.  Do they all survive easily?  No.  Why?  Because that is the natural way of things.  So the fact that the western nations, led by the US have not had their fair share of adversity suggests that something unnatural has been happening.

And indeed it has.  The mechanism of this imbalance is the con game of fake money.  We don't pay for our societal prosperity folks, we borrow it.  The US now owes its creditors about 20 trillion bucks.   Anyone who thinks we will pay it is a frakking idiot.  We won't because we can't.  Trump, in his infinitesimal wisdom already told us what will happen, and that is not dependent on Trump being president.  It will happen regardless of who is con man in chief: we will default.  Trump said that if interest rates rise or there is a recession, we will just default.  How could president Hillary do anything different?  She can't.  She is just politically smart enough not to tell the truth about things.  She would instead find a way to pin it on someone else, start a war, you name it.  Anything but tell the truth.

So we have tied our socionomic fault line together with bailing wire and duct tape in the form of fake money.  It has made things look much better than the underlying plate movement would suggest.  At some point the fake money will fail and the fault line will shift in a truly massive way triggering changes that are simply beyond the imagination of Mark and Patsy.  They think that life as they experience it is normal.  They pay no attention, and I mean zero attention to the fact that it was not earned but rather borrowed.  Once the loan goes bad there is no choice but to experience a collapse of historical magnitude.

The herd may not know this in the straightforward terms that I have just laid out but it has a growing awareness that something is very, very wrong and getting worse.  That is why the emotions are flaring.  That is why I predict that we will see fist fights on the floor of congress in the not distant future - something that is almost laughable to even predict to day.  But I know it will happen because it happens in many other countries that are lower in the Ponzi pyramid than the US.  We are not better than they are; we simply have the impression of wealth that they don't and so we can afford to be civil.  Civility is always one of the first casualties of real poverty.

And so now to today's evidence point which is not some hearsay but rather a video of Robert De Niro calling Trump every low life name he can think of and closing by saying he wants to punch Trump in the face. De Niro is simply echoing the mood of the herd not necessarily in anger to Trump but rather in anger, period.  He is getting the sense that we are increasingly headed toward disaster and he is dismayed that we have an asshat like Trump running for pres.

De Niro is right on all counts about Trump of course and I have written similar things about him many times in this blog.  But to his credit, De Niro stops short of recommending Hillary as the better candidate.  Maybe he endorses her but I don't know and I really don't care.  But at least he did not not call her out in the video as the logical choice.  All he said was basically anyone but Trump.

Well great.  The only problem is that whatever Trump is, Hillary is actually worse.  She's a proper criminal she is.  She is a big brother globalist and if she gets elected, the odds of government crossing my personal line of revolt rise dramatically.  She is such an elitist bitch.  It always amazes me to see people worshiping her lying ass.  She and Bill have left a literal trail of bodies in their wake and the majority of the people cannot see that she simply eliminates any threats that she considers to be career existential.  If Trump needs to be punched in the face, Hillary needs to be s--- in the face.

Oh yeah, fuck you NSA, CIA, FBI, M-O-U-S-E.

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Augustine said...

Fine, I'll say it: Hillary needs to be shat in the face. 😝

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