Sunday, October 16, 2016

Thailand needs a year for mourning without any appointed leader?

As it happens, monarchies are liberal constructs.  Any voluntary relinquishment of one's personal sovereignty on this planet is a liberal behavior.  That is not to say that a person should be allowed to do whatever he wants regardless of consequences to others!  True conservatives live by the golden rule.  They can live in a society without needing some grand poo-bah assuming control over everyone's destiny.  They essentially do not need man's laws because natural laws are fairer and generally very obvious.  If I am running a big chemical plant then as a conservative I already know that it would be an immoral and egregious violation of the golden rule and of natural law to dump my waste chemicals into the river EVEN IF there was no man made law against it. 

In fact, this is the very problem of having man made laws.  If it is not against the written law then some asshole will do it because their measurement standard is the man made laws, not natural law.  Therefore when liberal idiots like Trump stand there and justify his serial bankruptcies as "smart business" while telling everyone he follows the laws.  As a result of this type of behavior, lawmakers make even more laws until the set of laws arrives to what we have today which is a steaming pile of shit for the average (reasonably) honest citizen worker and a book of built in loopholes for the elitist assholes/parasites.  In my view, the laws should be very simple, harkening back to the 10 commandments and perhaps even simpler.  How about, if what you are doing hurts someone else either physically or financially or emotionally then society should frown upon it using a broad range of actions including, for minor offenses, censoring or ostracizing the perp for more minor offenses where the damage is less physical, environmental or economic (i.e. measurable) and more psychological or otherwise less tangible.  Punishment would obviously be more severe and inline with physical, environmental or economic damage.

So if having a written set of man made laws is in fact a liberal construct, having a king or dictator with arbitrary life and death power over subjects is hyper liberal.  And so because I think a conservative wave is overtaking the world I believe we will see the most liberal aspects of societal rulers - dictators and kings - take a step down.  This, IMO, is why the crown prince of Thailand is not immediately taking the throne now that his daddy has passed.  Yes, they put a good spin on it but I think there is a good chance that the prince never sees the throne and that Thailand has some sort of democratic revolution instead.

Why anyone would submit to such leadership as a dictator or king is beyond me in the first place but of course that is because I was raised with guns and the understanding that our founding fathers wanted us to own them so that nobody could easily and unfairly impose their will upon us.

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