Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Kruger, Mexico??

Here is an interesting story that depicts exactly what I think will eventually happen here in the US on a larger than anticipated scale.  The people of the town of Cheran in Mexico were docile idiots for the longest time while the police and government conspired with criminals to rob them blind.  But at some point it came to a head and the common people felt that the threat from the criminals had become existential.  And so, like the Battle At Kruger, the people went from being docile and scared little idiots to aggressive and dangerous thinkers who decided to step up, self organize and self govern.  In what must have seemed an eye blink to the forces of corruption, the people had retaken their town, retaken their land, retaken their freedom and retaken their right to self reliance.  They completely ignored all the corrupt laws put in place to protect the status quo.  Cops were ousted.  Politicians were ousted.  And the criminal element who would regularly kidnap and murder members of the herd were ousted.  And all of it apparently began with one woman who simply decided enough was too much at a time when the herd was ready for a mood change anyway.

My main comment to these people is, well done but what took you so long?

I  might ask similarly to Americans, what is taking you so long?  Of course the answer is simple: the herd will play the part of the punching bag for the bullies until it senses the existential threat.  But once it does, the herd will come out swinging those horns.  I think the time is now to at least prepare for our own brand of Kruger here in the US.

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