Friday, October 7, 2016

How's my [MU] Micron model doing?

In this post from Dec 10 2015, I provided the following model with the written commentary, "Note how it has broken the support shelf and is now weakly back testing from below.  I would buy this in the $11.50 to $12 range with the expectation of dumping it on the next poor shmoo at $19."

Well, that's kind of balsy, wouldn't you say?  Perhaps even arrogant in the eyes of some.  It's one thing for someone like Cramer to luckily call a stock up or down but have you ever seen anyone draw the future of a stock chart with thing kind of ridiculous accuracy?  Yes it fell to 9.25 before finding a bottom.  Elliott waves only give price estimations in advance.  I have to see the wave structure in real time to have a good shot at calling the exact top or bottom.  But it is no coincidence that the shares recently touched $18.36, quite close to my $19 target.

By now you have to realize that there is something going on here that you really don't understand.  Fundamentals do not move the stock prices; human herding behavior does that and Elliott waves, properly analyzed by someone with years of experience, are the only way on the planet for making these kinds of scarily predictive models.

You either accept this as truth because of the number of times I have proven it or you have to find another reason for how I am doing this.  Perhaps:
- the guy is from the future?
- this guy is doing insider trading of some kind?
- we all live in a hologram and this guy knows the script writer?

Seriously folks, it's science, not magic.  It only appears as magic to people who don't understand it.  If you want to benefit from this kind of incredible predictive capability then, well you know, consider subscribing.  It doesn't matter if you don't like my political beliefs. It doesn't matter if you think I am not very refined/lack political correctness.  IF you want to kick ass and take names in the stock market then you should really consider having my service work for you.

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