Sunday, October 16, 2016

Paris is for lovers...

... unless, it seems, you are gay.  While none of the traditional liberal US media seem to think it is newsworthy, Newsmax reports that 10s of thousands of French conservatives are protesting recent gay marriage laws on the streets of Paris.  While I'm skeptical about the 10s of thousands number based on the picture they showed, it does not seem in character for the city of lovers to be protesting love of any kind.  Yet here they are.

As the debt fueled prosperity of the world continues to move forward into the collapse phase, expect to see the liberal constructs which supported this Ponzi growth to all collapse in nearly locked step.  The unifying theme of everything that gained power into this peak is liberalism.  The unifying theme of everything that goes into freefall collapse will also be liberalism.  The pendulum swings, folks.  It's high risk to argue with me on this because I said it was going to be like this a long time ago and so now it is upon us.   We went too far too fast with liberalism and now the reversal in social mood is going to queer the herd, so to speak, on that concept for decades to come.

The prime example of this is the ongoing divorce settlement known as Brexit wherein a country which was never fully bought into the EU (the Brits retained control over their own GBP and did not throw in with the Euro) struggles to free itself of the un-elected bureaucracy which seeks to dictate its trade, its border controls, its religious freedoms and a whole host of other big government oversteps.  You would think it would just be an easy decision.  The British people voted to leave the EU and so they should just be able to walk away.   But now we see that it is not so easy because the EU has to make an example of GB in order to scare Spain and others from the idea.  And so now the EU is making all kinds of demands, including payment of a $20 billion fine.  GB would have been better off never to have gotten involved with the EU in the first place.  When you shake hands with the devil you will get burned.

The whole EU was clearly a trap.  It sounded good and it was pitched hard.  The weaker players all fell in line hoping to get something for nothing in the deal but now the real contributors of economic output are realizing that it is nothing but a wealth transfer from them to the 3rd world nations of Europe.  As long as the debt Ponzi was rising, you didn't have to work to acquire wealth.  But now that it has peaked that is all changing, and rapidly so.  There are going to be a lot of disenchanted freeloaders in the EU in the coming years, of that you can be sure.  As in any socialist situation, the ones who cry the loudest about letting Brexit take place are the ones whose future prosperity was most tied to extracting wealth from the workers of GB.

Going forward I expect to see:
  • Rugged individualism to rise against "it takes a village"-ism
  • Nationalism on the rise at the expense of globalism
  • Conservative values, religion, etc. make a big come back against humanism and liberalism of all kinds.

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