Sunday, October 2, 2016

Deutsche Bank cooking the books? And now execs will see prision.

Remember the bad old days when banks would lie cheat steal kill defraud and conspire only to have the individuals involved hide behind the protective shield of the corporation?  Remember when banks, after getting caught laundering drug money and helping people evade taxes would get a fine and then not be required to admit any guilt?  All I can say folks is not no more.  Them days is fast approaching status as a historical blip.

I said this would happen and now it is happening.  In today's case several of Deutsche Bank's high level bank managers have been personally charged with various criminal acts in Milan.  To be sure, I am quite convinced that the current charges are far from the worst thing that this and other banks have done.  When dealing with this much money, this much power, this much political favor which is so extreme that entire countries rise and fall because of it, you know that there was no limit to the things done in order to protect their criminality.

But all this was only possible to happen in an era of a growing money supply.  Now that credit is and has been peaking around the world there is far less easy money with which to use to bribe everyone.  Also, the sleepy sheeple of the world are beginning to wake up to the wealth divide and while they don't understand that the root cause of all these problems is a fraudulent and fake money supply, they do know that they are getting screwed and they are giving their elected reps an earful.

This and only this is why anyone is getting personally charged with anything.  This and only this is why some very big names and powerful people will find themselves being thrown under the bus.  Sooner or later they will attempt to throw someone under the bus who knows something that he was not supposed to know.  Had the powers that be known he knew it, he would have been spared but since they won't know he knows they will select him for public sacrifice in order to throw the herd some red meat.   When this happens, major major changes will be coming because a chain of dominoes will ensue as one criminal bastard begins to rat out the others in order to save his own ass.  Although few besides me are saying it, this is coming as sure as the sun rises.  I know it is coming because government and big corporations are a criminal cartel of organized crime and this is how all organized crime syndicates collapse at the end of their life cycle.


Augustine said...

More important than a white collar criminal being indicted is the beating of an elitist politician playing the viscount:

The Captain said...

Truly, I missed that one because I don't read zerohedge as a matter of course. But I agree that your link exactly describes what I see as a likely future: the elite have pushed the herd one step too far. They have begun to believe in their own un-invincibility; they think that they are lords and everyone else helpless serfs. They have believed too much of their own bullshit and not been reading my posts about the battle at Kruger carefully enough. When I wrote things like "...will be dragged into the streets by the angry mob" I am sure many people rolled their eyes and asked themselves what is this guy smoking. But my views are backed by history, logic, math and of course an understanding that ours is a herding species. The predators can only get away with so much before the people self organize, band together, and kick ass outside of the corrupt court system whose only role is to make sure that poor people are punished and rich elite people are not. That is why the German crowd took matters into their own hands; they knew that the courts would simply rule against them. Well, that didn't work out so well for the German Mayor. And it also sent a signal to others that the people are A) not nearly so weak and stupid as they might often appear and B) already at a rolling boil and ready to erupt into serious physical attacks on individuals if they don't see some big changes and damned quickly at that.

And now let me get another bag of popcorn and another coke because the show is getting interesting...

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