Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Just a few of past crimes coming out into the open.

NJ Chris Christie being called on the carpet over bridgegate.  You would think that bridgegate would be looooong forgotten by now but as I have said many times, nothing has been forgotten.

Here's another one which seems related to Bill Clinton if you gauge by his action.

And I guess that the manipulation theorists were right about metals market rigging because now Deutsche Bank has to pay 38 million USD for rigging the silver markets to the detriment of metals investors.

These are pittances compared to what will spill out onto the pavement in the coming years.  Many of the things we will hear about happened years ago but were kept under wraps by the power that fake money can have over otherwise good people.  As the fake money Ponzi fails, the power of the fake money and its allure, the whole culture of financial worship will collapse.  People who could have made money by doing immoral things for the system will simply opt to forego the cash in favor of keeping their souls. Once the power of Mammon money releases its grip on the people we will see society hasten to a lot of justice in order to make up for lost time.  I'm sure many people think this is never going to happen, that people will never stop chasing and worshiping the fake money.  So bookmark this post and let's chat in a couple years.  I suspect the truth will be unveiled by 2018.

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