Friday, October 14, 2016

Rasmussen poll shows Trump now up by 2 points over Hillary

Despite having let both barrel of her dirt gun fly at Trump, the latest Rasmussen polls say that he's now up by two percentage points over her.

Dear Hillary, that's not good for you!  You dug up this shock talk and then released it right before the 2nd debate.  Then you acted like it was the first time you heard it and that you never heard such language in your life, thus Trump supposedly not fit for president, blah blah blah.  You then bribed the media and your neocon friends to talk it up and act like these words are more immoral than droning a funeral where many women and children were attending in order to kill a few opposition capos.

Well, as I predicted would likely be the case, the shock of this was very short lived, much shorter than even I was predicting, and now people are looking at the sum of crooked Hillary's crimes and wondering how they can in good moral conscience elect her Commander in Thief.

I think this new poll is just hilarious.  What great sport and entertainment to watch the herd doing what herds do.  I wish both of these asshats would fall on a sword so we could have the option of someone else.

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