Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oh look. All of a sudden the cops are sorry...

Well this might shock a lot of people but I in fact said it was going to happen many times well in advance.  Here's the cycle:

- people need a function called safety and security so they form the police and government
- government tricks everyone into accepting fake money for their labor because it feeds the parasitic elite
- fake money is accepted by economically ignorant people and each time they accept it, they become older and weaker while someone else gets a cut of their life's work.
- fake money becomes such a success as a scam that it grows and expands into everything.  Everyone clamors for it.  Everyone sets aside all other considerations in order to chase it.  Family goes by the wayside and is met there by discarded societal morals.  Scamming someone out of their money becomes known as smart business....
- fake money breeds fake everything else.  Fake morals, fake leaders, fake promises, fake religion, fake political correctness.  FAKE FAKE FAKE.  Disgustingly fake.  Obviously fake.  And then for the people who see it as fake and are not afraid to say so in public, a swarm of political correctness cronies arise to shout them down.
- at some point those running the fake money game forget who is the boss.  They don't need to care about the taxpayer because their salaries are paid by the acquisition of societal debt, not assessment of taxes.  The government and its agencies, including police and fire and big education become the lords (at least in their own minds) and everyone else is just an unwilling slave. 
- but fake money has a shelf life and at some point it always goes bad.  Always

- the crumbling of the fake money exposes all the false promises
        - This is one of the first signs that the collapse has begun.

- suddenly, those in possession of false promises wake the hell up and realize that they are not nor were they ever peers of the elite whose policies they enforced.  Suddenly they realize that they were just dumb minions convinced to cheaply sell their souls and then used like a dish rag.  Suddenly they realize that their pension promises were lies.  Suddenly they realize again that the only true source of value to pay them going forward is the people
        Stories like this recent post clearly show that the cops have figured out that they have been fooled by Ponzi Pension Promises.

- seeing this, those running the con for the elite actually begin to turn away from their elite masters and begin to give a damn what the people think again.
- next come the fake crocodile tears, the mea culpas, and the rehearsed but disingenuous public apologies.  All these happen not because they know they did wrong and are sorry about it but because they know that the old power structure is collapsing and that they want to realign with their new BFF, the people. Yes, these same people who the police looked down on and intimidated and professed zero tolerance on and shot dead on so many occasions for no good reason other than they could.

Well it's happening right now.

Behold as ABC news reports that the president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police publicly admitted and apologized for the fact that, "police have historically been a face of oppression, enforcing laws that ensured legalized discrimination and denial of basic rights". Sorry folks, you cannot make this up with a straight face.  It's absolutely true.  Read the link for yourself.  I'm telling you that no police leader wants to have to stand up in front of the world and admit to this kind of institutional corruption.  The fact that he so easily expresses what the problem has been means that he, and many like him, have known EXACTLY what they were doing and have encouraged it the whole time.

The article goes on to say:  "There are communities that have long perceived us as oppressors, there are communities that have long perceived us as the jackbooted arm of government designed to keep people under control, and that's one of the things we have to work hard to get past," Moss said. "I'm glad it's being addressed ... because the only way to get past it is to first acknowledge the existence of it."

Jackbooted???  How many times have I used that exact word in these pages????

Here is a post from July 2014 that strongly hinted at the future which is in fact happening today and there have been many others similar to it.

The cops now have a lot of  'splaining to do.  They must not be allowed to simply admit that they engaged in this kind of criminal behavior but now let's all kum ba yah and can't we all get along and make another payment to the police pension fund.  Fuck that.  The cops have now admitted WHAT was done and they must now be compelled to testify why it was done, and who was giving the orders at the top of this well orchestrated national conspiracy.  This was not a victim-less crime by any means and so neither should it be blameless.  Heads must fucking roll.  Police heads, politician heads, the heads of business leaders to the extent they were involved, etc.  But no, police chiefs, there can be no peace until there is justice and when widespread crimes of such magnitude as yours have been committed there can be no justice until there is massive punishment of the criminals.

OK, so who is first to be going under the bus?  I have my pop corn and soda, looking forward to a very exciting show!

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