Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Former Senator D'Amato: the fix was in for Hillary

Credibility for the FBI is in free fall collapse for clearing Hillary of all wrong doing in the email gate matter.  The latest to speak up is former NY GOP Senator Al D'Amato who went on the public record with, "Anyone else would've been indicted multiple times, but Hillary Clinton obviously had the fix in.".

As you can see, the corrupt system that was built by Mammon money is now at a major state of infighting.  It's one thing for Dem and GOP to duke it out publicly and in fact some of that is expected by the citizens as the normal banter of a 2 party system.

What is NOT expected is for either of the status quo players to attack the basic credibility of the highest law enforcement agency of the land.  You just never see this in a healthy government and you literally always see it when a nation is teetering on the verge of collapse.

It is not just the people who are truly divided this time, it is the oligarchs as well.  That is very unusual.  Usually they make a big show in public and then laugh at the stupidity of the people behind closed doors.  The whole system is in a state of confusion now.  Average people are beginning to wake up to the things that I have been writing about for years now, namely that our government is just an organized criminal network.

What do you think joe bob and billy jack Trump supporters are thinking when they see big names like D'Amato accuse our own FBI of being in on a fix like this?  Do you think they feel morally bound by laws that everyone else is breaking?  I think that the more they see these kinds of supposedly outlandish things being said by major insiders, the less they believe that they should have to conform to any rules.  This is the stuff that civil wars are made of whether the pot is currently boiled over or not.

One more thing: Does this engender confidence in the issuing authority of our money supply?  Not no but Hell no.  Well, that is all that is propping up the dollar right now folks.  Confidence.  Confidence in a faith based money supply is not going to last when the key players prove that they are unfaithful traitors.  Comey is a traitor for giving Hillary a free pass.  He did it to secure himself because she is purported to be in the lead for president.  She will not fire her faithful lapdog (at least that is what he is thinking).

Comey worked with DOJ gave everyone an immunity deal:
Jason Chaffetz discusses it in this 2 minute video.
Trey Gowdy discusses it as well.

A longer vid of Gowdy who says immunity deals should result in prosecution.  But everyone here got immunity leaving nobody to be prosecuted.

I don't care for Trump either, but I have always said the plain truth in this blog and what we are witnessing here is treason, nothing less.  These people are trying to pick the next president, a woman who is a known criminal.  Because of this and contrary to what many must think, if she gets "elected" then nobody is going to listen to her.  If Hillary tells people to do something, look for a huge portion of the population to actively dig their heels in and tell her to fuck off, me included. 

I am reading comments in a lot of blogs and articles and the people are saying the same thing I have been saying.  They don't care what she declares for gun control, fuck you Hillary.  They don't care if she stacks the supreme court in a vile attempt to make it "legal".  Again, fuck you, Hillary.  They will simply never comply and neither will I.

Fuck you Hillary.

If Hillary gets "sElected" then I predict that we will continue to see the government fall apart with various agencies picking sides.  It is already a current trend with many in the police and military saying they will not comply but the trend will accelerate and become much more visible.  Confidence will be lost in the ability of the US to continue to lead the world.  Confidence will be lost in the issuing authority of the dollar because Hillary makes Putin look like an honest man.

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