Sunday, October 16, 2016

Mish reports that police are not as dumb as they appear to be.

Well, that is the honest paraphrase at least.  What he in fact wrote about was a sudden rise in those who are eligible for retirement opting to take it so that they can cash out of the debt Ponzi.  Yep, the cops, whose pension system and benefits is far beyond that of the ordinary working stiff, are now worried that their corrupt bosses are planning on screwing them.  And of course, that is exactly what will happen to anyone who stays in a Ponzi scheme too long.

Soon enough the state will stop cops who are fleeing the system from getting a lump sum.  They will, with the stroke of a pen, shut that loophole and those trapped in the system will be very very pissed about it.  Some of them will even resort to crime in order to punish the population that would not agree to fund their way of life in retirement despite the fact that nobody else gets anything like this.  After all, they will reason, they were counting on those Ponzi payments into retirement and so they spent all they were paid during their paygo years.

It's going to happen for sure because cops are people too and once they get on the receiving end of the short end of the stick they are going to want to get even.  Firemen too. Mark my words on this.  These people are not "heroes".  They are no more moral than anyone else on the street.  Most of them are corrupt because they have seen or know of those in blue who committed crimes yet they did not turn them in.  Anyone who sees a crime and does not report it is in fact a criminal.

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