Saturday, October 1, 2016

The fed is thinking about conspiring with congress

Despite stocks being near record highs, Janet Yellen knows that she has to keep on pumping more debt into the Ponzi lest it collapse.  But the fed is already buying more US treasuries than it wants so now Yellen is talking about turning Japan - turning Japan - turning Japanese (I really think so!).  What I mean to say is that she wants the immoral permission to buy corporate stocks.

Yes, that's right.  She wants congress to put immoral laws in place that give her the authority to essentially create more debt out of thin air and to use it to buy the stocks of private corporations.  If you are rich with large market holdings or if you are a corporate CEO who gets compensated in stock options this is a massive yet fraudulent windfall.  You see, Janet doesn't have any money to pay for this.  The payment would be done using dollars created from thin air in order to keep her Ponzi plate spinning.

This is a scam of such magnitude that I cannot express the depravity of it.  People with no economic background (i.e. poorly educated working class) will accept that these highly educated people are doing this in order to make things better for everyone when in fact each time it happens the wealth divide becomes more of a chasm.  How many times must the ditch digger be slammed in the face with a shovel before he figures out that these assholes are fucking him???  Poor people would be much better off in the long term if they just surrounded the capital in their millions with signs reading "no more public obligation and risk in order to bail out the private elite status quo!".

But alas, most of the sheeple in this and every other country simply do not understand that they are being scammed by these money games and that someday someone will have to pay the bill.  It is a debt Ponzi and no Ponzi lasted forever because the lies and corruption required by them must, by the very nature of the scam, increase at an exponential rate.  The sooner you shut down a Ponzi, the less damage will be done to Mark and Patsy.

At this point there is no way to avoid big problems at some point in the future.  All these corrupt actions do is push the day of reckoning out and make certain that the extent of damage from the collapse will be as bad as possible.  Janet Yellen is a soulless bitch.  That is not intended to be an insult but rather a factual description of her actions.  And don't tell me she doesn't know what she is doing, that she is stupid or misguided.  BULLSHIT.  She knows.  They all doIf I do, how can they not??  Everything with them is a calculation, it is so easy to see.

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