Saturday, April 30, 2016

The sad truth about pension funds is now being revealed

Peter Schiff's team pointed out recently that one of the largest pension funds of the US is now making legal provisions to reduce benefits.  Of course, I have been telling people for years and years in posts like this one  and this one that pensions were never going to be paid.  They are like fiat currency - only paper promises which evaporate the very minute that everyone tries to collect at once.  And with boomers retiring en masse, everyone is now starting to try to collect at once. 

You have to be out of your head insane to give any of your money at all to a 401k system which is only slightly less marginal than a pension system.  The pension system is marginal because you don't make direct contributions to it.  It is told to you that it is part of your compensation but you don't pay directly into it.  Pension systems trick people into over-consuming during their working years with the Wimpy promise that a retirement fund will take care of you later.  In fact, that retirement fund is not there because all of its promises were made based on the premise that trends will continue forever, trees will grow to reach the sky, 7 to 8% per annum is a normal and easy return forever, etc.

The days of 7 to 8 % of safe money making are gone now.  All that's left is for the pension funds to either begin gambling like crazy in search of yield or to reduce benefits and in many cases to simply run out of money and close down.  That's because it was all a big fucking lie from day one.  Mark and Patsy rolled their eyes at the notion that they were being played like this but now the truth is happening and it will pick up in speed and in magnitude until all the liberal economic blissful idiots are screaming bloody murder about it.

Pitchfork revolution in Baghdad?

Shia protesters have self-organized and "stormed" Baghdad parliament.  The powerful elite that so many are afraid of are simply powerless just as soon as the people stop following them.  The wizard of Oz loses all his power the very second that the people stop being afraid.  Expect much more of this going forward not just in the volatile middle east but world over.  The middle east is marginal and thus it is getting hit first but it will hit all western nations in the fullness of times.  The elite should be scared shitless because the people are impoverished and think they have nothing to lose.

Free insight for the wise: Industrial Production chart

If you haven't figured out that the global economy is a debt Ponzi by now, please leave this blog and never return.  Seriously, I want a class of readers which at least has a pulse.  Additionally, if you are still not sure that Elliott waves are a real indicator of any kind after all the incredibly "impossible" calls I have posted here before they happened then please move along because this material is not for you.

But if you will suspend disbelief about both of the above things then there is a truth which I think you should know and that is that industrial production is about to plummet rapidly soon.  It's now confirmed by the wave count of the chart.  If you look at the 100 year chart below you will see a nice rising chart.

Unfortunately, if you zoom in on the very last part of the chart it is clear that we now have 5 waves down from the top.  That means, at the very least, that we will see 3 up at some point and then another stiff wave down as shown.  After that I cannot say but if the move down is very quick as I think it well could be then it is probably a 3rd and not a C.

That 100 year chart is going to retrace folks.  And when it does it will be swift.  Stair steps up, elevator down.  Just the 38.2 fib would move industrial production well below the 2009 collapse.  It could take us back down to 1980 levels.  It was debt that pulled consumption forward to fund the spendy lifestyles of people and when at some point the lenders get tired of lending ever more to the consumers, that debt is going to dry up and blow away.  The US now is pushing 20 trillion in debt.  Do you think this will ever be repaid?  Of course it will not.  And when the lenders finally admit that the US and all other global debtors are no better than Greece or Puerto Rico, this fraudulent economy is going to absolutely comes to a freaking standstill. 

It's not that people will have lost the ability to provide for everyone's sustenance.  We already know this is possible to achieve because it is happening right now.  No, the collapse will be driven by the producers simply deciding not to give their labor away in exchange for fake paper promises anymore.  It will essentially be a global strike.  And once started it will continue until everyone who has come to the understanding that they have gotten stiffed is finally either paid off somehow or made new promises or (cough cough) killed (or simply dies of starvation, lack of medical care, etc.).

Folks, I've been right about so many things that you just have to admit that my world view is probably correct and so I'm probably right about this too.  Please don't wait until the shit hits the fan before you make some preparations.  It is cheap and easy to hoard needed items now.  It will not always be so.
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