Friday, April 15, 2016

Once untouchable elite are getting fired now left and right for public mess-ups.

Another once-untouchable bureaucrat found her head rolling recently as reported here for not stopping the Belgium airport terror.  Yes, her.  I think we will see more and more of the female bureaucrats get kicked to the curb even though they are in a minority.  Why?  Because like it or not and as unpolitically correct as it may sound, females are marginal to males in the human herd.  We don't call ourselves woman kind.  No, the species is generically referred to as man or mankind.  Women are treated as secondary.  The reasons for this are as obvious as they are ago old: in the herding species called man, Might Makes Right.  Men are stronger and more aggressive by nature than women and so it is what it is.

Yeah, they said she quit but she was forced out.  Her body was thrown under the bus in order to appease the angry masses who foolishly believe that government is ever capable of perfection.  Who can stop terrorism, really?  The only way to reduce it is to stop doing things that piss off the other herds.  Walk softly, stay out of other people's business, quit trying to nation-build, and carry a big stick.  But once you piss off a people who have lost fear of dying then you really cannot stop terrorism.

Still, the people need to be thrown fresh meat now that they are waking from their debt-induced slumber.  Expect more bureaucrats in the organized crime syndicate known as big government to be thrown under their respective buses in the coming years. Also expect that at some point the wrong guy with the wrong information will be tossed out for the bus to run over but he will instead turn state's evidence and start a chain reaction of high profile elite corruption investigations leading to the take down of some very big names. This is the way organized crime always fails in the end and so I see no reason for it to be different this time.

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