Monday, April 4, 2016

Mossack Fonseca leak adds fuel to the blowback against elitism.

Mark and Patsy never really had enough money to have to worry about cheating the system.  You don't need offshore money havens when you live essentially hand to mouth.  But they do know something is wrong with the system and so each of these stories that comes out is just fueling their anger at how the system is so badly tilted against them by the elite.

Today's story on this vein is about eleven million documents which were leaked from a, cough cough, Panamanian "law" firm known as Mossack Fonseca.  For the past 40 (liberal controlled) years, it has never been caught in wrong-doing.  But like any ponzi scheme, it's always elevator down in the end. 

Notice that these documents were leaked.  Some peon who was part of the chain of corruption but who was not benefiting greatly from it somehow decided that it was all unfair and that he/she would tell the truth.  Maybe the wrong person got laid off.  We might never know the source but at the end of the day, all of this organized crime type activity always collapses from within.  Either an investigation by law enforcement pulls on the right sweater string and the whole thing comes unknitted or, as in the case here, someone just rats the bastards out anonymously.

Either way, this is how many big important people will be brought back down to Earth in the collapse of the global debt Ponzi.  These activities are the early signs that the collapse is coming.  If I'm to be right, the pace of disclosure should rapidly increase and then at some point become an exponential collapse of elitism.


Augustine said...

This leak is more important not because of revealing illegal activities, but legal ones. Tax havens, shell companies, etc, are all legal entities. What this leak expose is that the whole legal system was enacted and enforced by the elites to benefit themselves with the flogging of the populace. Ultimately, this exposed a tip of the iceberg of the greatest con ever: the government. Not that I expect Mark and Patsy to wise up, but rather to demand that the government does something about it. Which the elites will gladly oblige to, even if it costs throwing a handful of them under the bus to placate the mob. After all, something needs to change so that everything remains the same.

The Captain said...

"something needs to change so that everything remains the same": priceless quote. Reminded me of GW abandoning free market principles to save the free market.

So now we know what he really meant/was told to say: he was not talking about a free market in terms of freedom of trade, etc. He was literally talking about a market where elite get stuff for free (as in without doing any labor to earn it).

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