Sunday, April 10, 2016

[M] update

In the backlink I gave you the chart below.

Since I already gave you that one, there's no sense trying to tease you with what likely happens next.  Below is the chart update.  Does it not blow your mind that my model predicted a big 3 wave rally right when it did?  I ask you again, who can do that?  What human can, by the seat of his pants and by the gut feel of the butterflies in his stomach make these kinds of hyper-accurate calls with such high repetition rate?

Of course, no human can do it without some kind of system.  My system is Elliott waves and it can be incredibly accurate.  Please find someone else on the web with this kind of accuracy.  If you can find someone then rest assured they are an Elliott wave guru because there is no other market timing system that even comes close.  When you finally realize that $39.95/month is a ridiculously low price to pay for this kind of odds enhancement technology, please consider clicking the subscribe button so that I can continue helping you with this work into the future.

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