Thursday, April 21, 2016

Soloman islands corrupt politicians get reined in.

A big part of my world view for the nascent but growing conservative wave is that a$$holes working for government, be they police, lawmakers or officials of any kind at federal state and local levels will lose their two speed legal system.  These bastards have used their positions to create a tilted playing field in their favor.  They could never have done it if any significant amount of people complained but the debt driven prosperity of the past several decades made it just too much trouble for the herd to care about.

But now that things are sucky the world over despite record money printing, the excesses are being wrung out of the system with a new example everyday appearing in the news.  This is starting off slow and is concentrated on the marginal players but it will accelerate if my model is correct and it will affect government parasites at all levels.

Today's proof point comes from the Soloman Islands where corrupt politicians tried to quietly exempt themselves from paying income tax leaving everyone else to carry their load.  What a bunch of dicks.  Well, that little scam got shot down publicly as their courts put the kibosh on it.  So why was it overturned by the courts?  Well, the article says because it was unconstitutional.  But of course that is not the reason since it has been in place since 2015.  No, the criminals don't just stop trying to rip the people off by themselves.  The article is clear: the change came due to "public outcry".

There you have it folks, the model for everything.  IF you just sit there and take it passively like a sheeple then some a$$hole will try to give it to you.  But if you bare your fangs and let out a growl then the con men, in fear of their own useless lives, back down.  The lesson is clear: when the con men come for you, and they will likely do that in the US, don't give in.  Stand your ground and give them Hell.  They are all pussies at heart. The only time they seem powerful is when they form a gang of bullies and crash in the front door at 2am with guns blazing.  If they don't get the drop on you they don't want to fight.  So don't take your eyes off them and let them clearly know what is waiting for them should they kick in the wrong door.

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