Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A fed divided against itself cannot stand.

Few people understand it but we are looking at the end times for the federal reserve system.  The corruption and crony capitalism that it has supported has now affected the herd, the middle class, so badly that its days are numbered.  The federal reserve is, as I have been writing for a long, long time, the engine of the great wealth disparity between worker and elite.  The new conservative wave is causing the herd to wake up from the magickal (sic) spell wherein they were "pushed" to dream upon a star.  The great mind washing has just about run its course and the herd is going to wake up angry in the understanding that it has been duped in an historic way.  Nobody was saying these things when I was writing them and few are saying them now but some are in fact now saying them.  The herd is awakening.

One of the signs that I have told people to look for is when the elite begin infighting.  They will do it because all the easy money has been made off of the sleeping population.  It used the be a joy to be a fed governor, for example.  No audits, no layoffs, no real pressures in life.  Just a high office, a fat salary and a revolving door to Wall St.

Not no more folk. Those days are over.  It is now going to be a much less fun place to work and instead of operating risk free as they have all this time, they will now be threatened with obsolescence just like any of us are who do not pull our weight in the real economy.  This is why they will infight.  It is not really against each other but rather a show for us. They know what I know which is that they provide no economic value add and thus, like kings and queens of olde, they exist at the pleasure of the people.  In the past they had military force to keep the people down so the people had more patience for crappy kings and lords. 

But when I look at the current situation I know that the real military force in the US is not controlled by the government.  It is the people themselves, well armed and not afraid to fight if the line is crossed.  Government knows this too and so it has been a lot more careful about how it puts down rebellions of late.   The recent camp site take over by militia could have been put down by storming them.  But the government feared that would rile up too much support for them so it was patient and it waited them out and it waited until their leader was dumb enough to venture out by himself which is where they ambushed him and shot him.  Note how the trooper who shot him was hiding in the woods.  This is how "traffic stops" are done these days apparently.  This has not gone unnoticed by future militants.  Half hearted resistance is a big waste of time and lives.  Do or do not.

In any case, the government now has to care what the people think, what the masses think and so the organized criminals will now in-fight to show how much they hate the establishment and love their "subjects".  Nobody asked them to do this!  Nobody need to.  The elite are elite because they are observant and smart, just like any good con man.  They know when the shit is going south and so they move to get ahead of it.  They throw some of their own under the bus as sacrifices to appease a population whose mood just keeps getting more and more dour.

That is why factions of the federal reserve are now, as Mish reports here, in open competition for the mindshare of the people.  I believe that soon we will be witnessing open fist fights in US congress as well.  This is unheard of when the elite are in control but the elite are slowly and certainly losing control.  As the herd observes this loss of control it will lose confidence in all the things controlled by the elite.  First markets and then at some point, yes, even the fake money.

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