Wednesday, April 13, 2016

[GILD] update

Here's one for the free side of the blog.  GILD might just have put in a horizontal triangle 4th wave.  We only have 3 waves up off the lows so this is not confirmed yet but if it does break out and create 5 waves up, the primary target is the red path and it should happen quickly.  The alternative is to be stopped mid channel per the blue path in a failed 5th.  Of course failure to create 5 up could result in a break down below the red circle and that would be a major sell / short signal.

If you want access to many data based charts like this which give clear buy and sell indications then you know where the subscribe button is.  It's only the cost of 4 one way trades per month.  If you are in these markets playing by gut feel then I wish you luck because that is all you have going for you during highly volatile times.

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