Tuesday, April 12, 2016

A healing is heading our way.

If the great debt Ponzi was a curse and a sickness upon the world then the collapse of it will be a healing.  Unfortunately, it won't feel like a healing any more than withdrawal sickness feels like a healing to a drug addict.  I'm sure there will be injections of monetary methadone along the way in order to ease the pain but nothing that will feel anywhere near as good as the drug of expanding credit.  And methadone only delays the healing, it does not cure anything in and of itself.  By the way, whose pain will the monetary methadone be designed to relieve?  Not the people but rather the elite.

Today's story is one of the many signs that the healing is happening.  Namely, it is a story about the elite turning upon themselves.  This time it is in Brazil where the people seem to have pretty much fully awakened and are self organizing against their elite oppressors.  The corrupt president of Brazil has accused her partners in crime of plotting a coup.  All I can do is laugh at how predictable all of this has been.  As the energy source of organized crime (easy money without working for it - in this case being debt) has waned, so has the power and control of the Brazilian elite over its "subjects".

The water buffalo are no longer complacent, no longer willing to let the elite divide  and conquer them.  Instead, the elite are feeling surrounded and cornered and so they are infighting.  Soon they will all be running from the pitchfork crowd.  The government of Brazil will collapse and the people will cheer it.  That's because the collapse of corruption is a good thing for everyone except the criminals.  What is happening there and in many parts is the long awaited human version of the battle at Kruger which I wrote about years ago in posts like this.  This is the real healing.  It is when people stop unconditionally giving their trust to their leaders without any oversight or care in exchange for fake paper money (or promises thereof).  This story will come to the USA soon enough.

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Augustine said...

It's been thrilling following the recent events in Brazil! The people are in a roll!

Not only the president is being subjected the an impeachment process (according to the conditions and process mandated by the constitution), but also her election ticket, which means that even the vice-president may be subjected to an impeachment himself months after he assumes the presidency in the president is indeed impeached. And even the representative presiding over the impeachment process is under investigation himself and will likely be indicted within the year.

Politicians of all levels are under a sweeping operation "Car Wash" by the federal justice, beyond the federal government, but into state and municipal governments as well. It's the Brazilian Spring! Quite unexpected from a country which put banana in republic.

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