Friday, April 29, 2016

Are you trading JNUG? Other miners?

Miners have had a great run of it.  But you know that trees don't grow to reach the sky.  Sooner or later there is going to be a big reversal and it could end up being a much bigger deal than many think.  My subscribers have been getting daily updates on JNUG that have proven quite accurate.  I honestly don't know how people who are not using Elliott waves are even trading this market.

Case in point, natural gas was catching a bid but my model said it was likely an a-b-c corrective rally.  So what did I do?  Well, as you can see from the cut and pasted post below, I stayed in until within 3 cents of the top and then let Mr. Market have the shares back. 

Since then the shares have plummeted down to $24.  That's a pretty big smackdown that many people just held through because they do not know what an Elliott wave is.  And even those who do know the term have not paid their charting dues in order to see and react to the nuances.

I invite you to just bypass all the chart study.  After all, why should you do it when I've already put in the years and am willing to share my insights for a piddling $10 per week?  Well, it's your money and you've every right to do with it what you will.  But we are kicking ass over on the paid site and right now there are profits to be made on several major fronts which are due for big changes.

You know where the subscribe button is.

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