Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Fonseca complains about the info leak but it's way too late for that now.

Apparently criminal (hearsay!) Ramon Fonseca doth protest too loudly about the recent leak of millions of damning documents which have already caused high level politicians to step down in Iceland.  Whether or not the activity is legal is less important right now than the fact that hidden bank account exist for the elite when the upper middle class have already had all their offshore accounts effectively shut down by nosy US government rules about overseas banking. Two speed privilege system is supposed to be between the haves and the have nots.  But not it is clear that it has also been between the haves and the have mores.  Well, the haves are powerful enough to complain about it whereas the have nots never even knew that it was working against them.  They were too busy doing the hand to mouth existence thing.

Well I can tell you right now, powerful people are going to be asking government to level the playing field.  If the lords and dukes of elitism can't have hidden money offshore then neither will they sit idly by while princes and kings get such privilege.  And so this is just another way in which the dying organized crime ring consisting of elite, bankers, corporate leaders, government leaders and of course military continues to defocus from jointly screwing the people which is what they used to do.  Now they are focusing on each other and with each of these new revelations there is growing mistrust in their ranks.  I'm just waiting for the outright ratting out to begin taking place using words like Grand Jury, RICO and my favorite, "state's evidence".  I've got my popcorn and soda and a front row seat for the fist fight between elite that I know is coming.

Pretty soon we will begin seeing congressional hearings and then we will begin to see some kind of enforcement action take place.  Not because anyone wants to do it but rather because the public is chanting for blood.  Heads must begin to roll soon.

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Augustine said...

Make no mistake, the government will do something about it, as in tightening capital controls, not only without the country, but also within it. Expect even more restrictions not on transactions that only the elite would make, but the middle class. It'll be the outright declaration of the war on cash! We the people will have our savings draughted to rescue the state finances and the banks. IOW, the elite will take the opportunity to double down in their thievery. Truly, they'll only stop when they share Mussolini's fate.

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