Monday, April 18, 2016

Brazillian government caving to the will of the people.

Right on schedule to my larger global model, the marginal organized criminals are facing the wrath of their people.  Back near the start of my blog I wrote this post in which I provided my initial model for the global criminal pyramid pecking order:

The order of everything below China could probably use some updating based on events that happened after that post but the concept remains unchanged.  Those lower in the pyramid are marginal in terms of the strength of their criminal enterprise at the government level.  They are less well funded, less unified, less tricky and sneaky in their criminal moves, less protected by the system, etc.  But as those lower level capos fall, their replacements will be much less inclined to side with the existing global good old boy system because, having seen how Mark and Patsy have suddenly woken up and smelled the con, the new leaders, at least at first, will have to be on their best behavior.

Nowhere in the world today have the sleepy sheeple awakened like they have in Brazil.  For so many decades these people just put up with one asshole after another stealing from them and lying to them.  It is not certain that they possess the understanding of how to effect real change or not but there is no denying that the water buffalo are now chasing the lions there and not the other way around.

Open letter to the good people of Brazil:

For many years now you have sat idly by as the corruption grew all around you.  You have seen how the county has gone from a great place to live and work and turned into a nightmarish roller coaster which makes real and sustained economic expansion impossible.  You have seen an exodus of your best and brightest as they have fled for better opportunities outside the country.

Only very recently have you decided that enough is too much and you have certainly begun to attack those running the criminal empire of Brazil.  I applaud you for this.  You are not only on the road to healing yourself by these action but also on the potential road of leadership for all of South America.  There is currently no continental leadership in all of South America!  Your continent is controlled remotely by the US, Europe and China.  You have the power and the opportunity to change all that and more.

You also have the power to yet again be duped into elite servitude.  You are still at risk of replacing the currently lying bitch with just another lying bitch or bastard.  The problem, you see, is that without the proper knowledge it is hard to tell good from bad.  The good ones will tell you unpleasant truths.  They will not promise something for nothing.  In fact, their main promise is that they will, to the degree possible, get the Hell out of the way of real working Brazilians so that the working population can work to turn the vast natural resources of Brazil into a high lifestyle for hard working Brazilians.  The bad ones will promise change but they will only have rhetoric and then soon enough they will begin acting like the assholes that you are kicking out right now.  So here are things to look for when selecting and supporting new leaders:

SUPPORT those who:
  • Show an understanding of how things got like they are today.  It was not one bad person or one bad dynasty; it was a bad system.  And Brazil is not alone in that bad system.  Without fixing that bad system, Brazil can never really heal in a sustainable fashion.  That bad system is powered by the use of fraudulent money based on the completely scam ridden concepts of fiat currency and especially fractional reserve banking.  Support those who want to wipe away the old, crime ridden banking system and replace it with gold money or some modern digital form of it including a publicly audited physical gold supply and other checks and balances along those lines.
  • Do away with fractional reserve banking within the country.  This does not mean do away with credit and lending.  It simply means that bankers cannot be allowed to lend money that has not been first placed on deposit with them.  PERIOD.  Affording bankers the power to instantiate temporary money at will is how the organized criminal network is born and bred.  Remove that energy source from them and it is 100 times harder for a simple wart to grow into a life threatening cancer.
  • Get the government out of the economy.  Government does not need to forecast or control it.  Interest rates should be set by private banks, not by central government backed authority.
  • Revamp the voting process for transparency and accountability.  The Internet is your friend in this regard.  Use it to lower costs and to prove to the people the the days of back door government dealings are over.
  • Reduce government to the bare minimum and encourage paygo at all levels.
  • Remind everyone that government is not a charity.  The Church is for charity.  Governments which force people to participate in wealth redistribution are simply modern day slave owners. 
  • Force corporations to operate in sustainable ways.  Capitalism is not the same as environmental terrorism!  China is, in every large city, an environmental war zone.  The air is unfit to breathe because industry does whatever it wants to do in the name of low cost profit making.  It does not seem to matter that everyone suffers as a result.   The Brazilian mantra must be "do whatever you want as long as it does not negatively affect others".  The rights of business cannot be attained to the detriment of the welfare of the people.
  • Realize that owning guns is a requirement for any truly free society.  People, and not just rich people, have the legitimate right to self defense.  Self defense is needed against criminals in both the private and public sector.
  • Cut Wall St out of their affairs entirely.  As Charlie Daniels sings, "if you shake hands with the devil you get burned".

  • Anyone who tells you that debt is the engine of growth or that debt should be used by government to get things done.  That is pure bullshit.  Government should present top level plans to the people and the people should vote on what they want or do not want to happen.  The Internet now means there is no need for multiple intermediate levels of representation between the people and their top leaders.  But in any case, government bonds should be illegal.  Government must not take on debt to be paid by future generations so that those living today can have better lives.  That is a total scam making government debt and thus government bonds a total, corrupt scam.
  • Those who promise to care for everyone.  This is not government's job nor can government do it even if it was government's job.  Caring for the sick and old is a function of the family.  When government acts as a social safety net, it falsely relieves people of their familial duties.  It breaks the social contract between generations.  All this does is ruin society.  Let families and the Church care for the sick and helpless.   Will some people fall through the cracks in this system?  YES.  But this is normal.  Thinking that everyone can be saved is ridiculous and unnatural and thus impossible in practice.  But the illusion that is is possible does more harm than good so avoid those who push themselves forward using this illusion.
  • Those who want to blame someone else, have trade wars, erect barriers to free trade, etc.  At the same time, avoid those who say that changes should be made in order to enhance free trade.  Government should simply be as trade neutral as possible.  Let the free market decide, based on the associated economics which only the free market can know about and react to, what does and does not represent good foreign trade.  But do not run either a trade surplus or a trade deficit.  Foreign trade must be PayGo on an annual basis.

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Augustine said...

Jefferson widely never trusted any government, even the young and promising one that he helped to found. He knew that, with time, the state is always infiltrated by scoundrels, since the possibilities of power are rather attractive to psychopaths and sociopaths alike. That's why Jefferson recommended that each generation would throw its own revolution, rebelling against and dismantling the corrupt status quo.

Perhaps inadvertantly, Brazil has been following this advice pretty closely. In 1932, the state of Sao Paulo rebelled against the federal government ignoring the constitution. In 1964, the seemed forces threw a coup against a president who had come to power as the vice president for handing the country over to Cuban operatives. In 1984, the people went to the streets to demand the end of the military regime. In 1992, a president was impeached on charges of corruption. Now, millions of Brazilians demanded the end of a socialist regime.

It's been neither easy nor painless, but, other than in 1932, at least no one had to die to effect change. Even better, the better organized grassroots movement, MLB, found inspiration in Mises and in Jefferson himself! Jefferson would be proud!

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