Sunday, April 10, 2016

[LL] update

In the backlink I posted the model below:

That was at the red arrow in the updated chart below.  As you can see, we had a minor pullback and then moved up very rapidly in line with the model.  See how the model said 3 or C should stop at something like $15.60?  Well the, chart hasn't made it up there yet because it got rejected at the upper parallel rail.  So maybe that's all she goes.  Or it is? 

So now that you are on your own, what do you do now?  I'm curious to know what your plan is, feel free to update in the comments - I'm sure many would like to know as well.  This stock is going to get volatile and soon but will that likely be to the up side or to the down side?  What will your next decision be based on?  Gut feel?   Seat of the pant "investing"?

I can tell you the the wave count here is not an easy one and so many people will miss it.  If you want to get my take on it and other fast moving stocks, and ETFs please consider subscribing to the paygo section of the blog.  The money you save by timing your moves correctly should easily cover the $39.95 monthly subscription fee.  Cancel anytime.  No questions asked, no reasoned needed.  Also, I've never had ads on my free blog because I don't like the spam laden, ad supported model.  I think content worth having is content worth paying for.  I've walked that walk for years now and so you can be confidence that your information will never be sold or shared with any other business for any purpose.

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