Wednesday, April 6, 2016

It comes as no surprise...

I predicted many times in these pages that the liberal movement in America was about to hit a brick wall and then the great conservative takeover would begin.  So many people mocked me telling me that the liberals had taken over and I might as well just move out of the country because it was a lost cause for conservatives.  Of course, I never believed that even though I knew it could always get worse before it would get better.

Why is it that I never believed the liberal hype?  Simple.  In these pages I have stated in terms that I have never seen expressed with such clarity about the relationship between liberal and conservative mindsets in the herd.  The overarching principle of merit is that liberals have a bent toward personal consumption before personal production.  Conservatives have a bent toward personal production before personal consumption. 

Said differently, liberals like to borrow from tomorrow so that they can spend today.  They are the Wimpy figure of Popeye cartoons.  Wimpy will "gladly" repay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.  They might have every intention of repaying and initially they might do it but over time they get hooked on having something before having had to work for it and that is addictive.  Conservatives hate borrowing.  They would rather earn what they need to survive.  In either case it is not necessarily a choice.  In many cases I think it is an imperative, a hard coded mindset.

Conservatism and liberalism are, in my observations, hard wired in the brain for 20% of the population.  10% are dyed in the wool conservatives.  10% are dyed in the wool liberals.  The remaining 80% are swayed like the tides based on herding signals received from those who have received the anointment of herd leader.  Conservatism and Liberalism are concepts.  They are not political parties.  They are not good vs. bad.  They are both good and bad each in their own way.

The mood of the middle class, that 80% of sway-able population, is controlled by its prosperity.  If liberal concepts seem to be keeping the belly full and providing a lot of opportunity then damn the logic, the math, and the history: the herd decides to back liberal ideas. 

Of course, economically speaking (that is, the underlying history, math and logic of it), liberalism is basically a fantasy.  One cannot consume something before it is produced!  Thus, liberalism always meets with limits at which time it reverses.  Essentially, when the debts promised to be paid in the future by liberals are no longer accepted as payable by the producing conservatives (who have produced capital and thus have something to lend), promises cease to be viewed as an acceptable form of payment.  When this happens the ability of the middle 80% to acquire the nice things that they know are out there plummets.  This destruction of the middle class is the destruction of the swing vote in the current direction of mood.  When the swing vote that got us here begins to swing the other way, that's what we call a tidal change.

Once the tide change is confirmed you can shout from the roof tops, throw billions in currency at the issue but you are wasting your time.  One cannot stop the tide from changing once it has decided to change.

Today's story about the ongoing tide change is going to be repeated over and over again as conservatism regains power for this swing of the pendulum.   In it, Mississippi passed a bill that allows businesses to refuse service to anyone based on the religious beliefs of the business owner.  That "anyone" includes the formerly protected class known as gay people who have used the current legal system to demand that non-gay people serve them.  Of course, the liberal left decries this new law as a "hate law".  That's nice spin but IMO if one person can use the state's threat of economic and physical and deadly force to make another person do something against his will, that is called state sponsored slavery.

I predict that the coming economic crash will send a lot more people back to religion in their search for conservatism.  The state will lose power as well.  If you are LGBT please understand that your time on this planet has peaked for this cycle and don't be too surprised as all of the state backing for your lifestyle evaporates over the next few decades, probably a lot more rapidly that it took to acquire.  After all, the road to liberalism is always stair steps up but elevator (or cliff if you will) down.

This was predictable, predicted, and is now showing increasing evidence of a major turn in progress.

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