Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Why all the sudden admissions of wrongdoing?

After 25 years of lying through its teeth about its fuel economy numbers, Mitsubishi is finally telling the truth about its past lies.  You have to ask yourself, why now?  Why lie about it all that time only to come clean now?  The article doesn't say why they admitted it.  It doesn't say that some government agency which was quietly taking bribes to be quiet about it suddenly started to look into the reality of the claims.  I can only believe that it is part of the move back towards conservatism.  The growth associated with lying about things has stalled and now all that is left is the lie.  Said differently, the growth that is associated with taking on debt has stalled.  Now all that is left is the un-keepable promise to repay all the borrowed money.  When people are faced with this they begin to tell the truth not because they are especially good or honest people but rather because the drunken euphoria of the false prosperity has worn off and now they can see what jackasses they have been.

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