Sunday, April 17, 2016

Like I said, 911 is not over, not even close.

Now that Creditphoria or Debtphoria is wearing off, the American people are becoming increasing awakened to the fact that they were not told everything about 911.  Years ago you would be called a conspiracy theorist for saying or writing such things.  Nowadays, not so much.  Of course, the truth is neither here nor there to those running the organized crime ring known as Big Government.  The truth's only value to these sociopaths is the political gain that can be extracted from its telling.

So we have today the curious case of the House of Saud becoming very upset that it might be held accountable if it is linked, in any way, to 9 eleven.  In fact, having seen how the US treats its past henchmen once their utility has expired or once there is gain to be had by throwing said henchmen under the bus, the Saudis have threatened to take their ball and go home if the US passes a law making it legal to hold the Saudis responsible for their possible role in 911.

Even though the Saudis could well have been part of the 911 conspiracy, I don't blame them a bit for their threats to Washington.  When the top capo in the crime organization begins to tell you that he is giving himself the thought-up-out-of-thin-air right to "freeze" all of the loans you provided to him "if" he can find wrong doing in your actions then you damned well better be scared.  If he goes to the trouble of saying it and of taking action to make it all good within his fake legal system then of course he has already decided to try to f--- you over.  The only question now is whether the potential dumping of $750 bn in treasuries is considered any kind of threat to the US government.

Things are unfolding just as I said they would because I am right about the real nature of big government.  The good old boy global criminal empire is crumbling because the engine of its existence, that which brought them all into power in the first place (credit and debt) is peaking.  An early sign of collapse of this scam will be and has been the growing and increasingly public infighting higher and higher up the food chain of corruption.  As the prosperity of the herd wanes, the con men running the show have to fill that void with something, anything, even the blood of henchmen and fellow capos. 

Global growth has stalled at what was supposed to be the peak of the recovery.  The US stock markets have not begun to crash yet but Chinese markets are in the toilet and so are European markets as you can see from the ticker EURL (triple Europe bull ETF).  Oh, sure, it has been bouncing of late but I don't think it will last.  My subscribers will receive my detailed wave count on this and they will know what to do and when it is no longer safe to even be in the markets at all.

One final note: don't be surprised if it leads to war.  At the same time, don't be confused about what the war will be about.  And for God's sake, when they come asking/demanding that you, your son or your daughter to go die for their lies then take up arms against those who would force you (at threat of prison or death) to go to war.  They simply do not have the right to order you off to your death. Take the country back from the liars.  Or, of course, you can simply bend over and let them have their way with you.  Your choice. 

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