Saturday, April 2, 2016

The fate of unarmed people is left to the kindness of strangers.

It's very sad to see all the crap that goes down in this world, much of it nearly uncontested by the people who live in these places.  Instead of arming themselves and fighting for their freedom, they either turn into refugees or become residents of mass graves.  A lot of very kind souls have met their fate at the hands of absolute assholes over the centuries.  It is like that with humans.  It will always be like that.  Government cannot save you from it.  Government is often the hand that kills.

Becoming armed and proficient with firearms does not guarantee safety no more than understanding and becoming proficient with herding movements and Elliott waves is a guarantee that your every trade will be a winner.  But in each of their respective cases (guns and Elliott waves) it represents your best case chances for survival and prosperity.  You can no more count on Wall Street not to lie to you and to cheat you than you can count on government to protect you.  When the going gets rough, they save themselves first.  Take control for yourself folks.  It's more work and its more cost but its worth it in both cases.

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