Monday, April 11, 2016

As the debt Ponzi grows long in the tooth, governments finally begin to go after big corporations

When you are in bed with con men in the government it is much easier to grow big on the backs of everyone else.  But since the global middle class, which is the real engine of economic output, collapses then it is predictable and was predicted that government would begin going after its corporate buddies.  You know, those guys that paid all those bribes for special access, rigging of the laws and for simply looking the other way when needed.

But now that the easy credit based money is running out, government is beginning to look under all the couch cushions again to see if anyone left any spare change.  Finding none, it is now looking for the larger corporations to begin paying their fair share of the Ponzi maintenance bill. 

Of course, every dollar sent to a government is a dollar pissed away by a corrupt ass hat but that is neither here nor there.  If they want you to pay the first make laws, then the send nice enough but formal letters, then their lawyers send sternly worded letters and then the cops come knocking with paper signed by judges.  If you still refuse to pay, they shoot you in the face "for everyone's safety".  That's just how corrupt and messed up it has now gotten to be.

Well some of the weaker corporations will indeed pay up at first.  But the stronger ones will see the weaker ones go down and they will employ evasion strategies.  Some of those strategies will be legal.  Others will simply be moral.  Others still will be neither.  At some point some asshole politician is going to threaten the wrong guy and that guy is going to figure he has nothing left to lose and so he will spill the beans.  Once that happens I expect a chain reaction of big names to come tumbling down from their obviously corrupt pedestals, face first into the mud.

Nobody knows what the future will bring but history and logic say it will turn out something close to what I just described.

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