Saturday, April 23, 2016

Hyper specialty stores are the first casualty of the ongoing credit peaking process

We here in the US have had a great run of prosperity on the back of ever expanding debt.  We look at the national debt and it is now more than $19 trillion.  It got like this due to the scam of fractional reserve banking and artificially low interest rates.  Anyone who thinks this is sustainable is a blithering idiot.  The debt has been and will continue to go up exponentially until the corrupt system of fake money explodes of its own corrupt weight and we get a so called "currency event".  In layman's terms, this is what happens when the people wake up to the con en masse and lose confidence in the issuer of the fake money.  It's all downhill after that.  I have been warning people to keep their long term retirement savings in gold and silver coins in their physical possession for a long time but few if any of my friends can see it coming.  They are caught up in herd think.  It has nothing to do with stupidity and everything to do with herd think.  I have been right so many times before yet they never acknowledge the fact.  After it collapses they will acknowledge it but then of course it will just be too late. 

A major sign of an artificially goosed economy is when hyper specialty stores become common place.  There is so much credit based buying power sloshing around in the economy that these kinds of economically foolish ventures can be accommodated for a period of time.  Shopping malls are the poster children for this but close on their heels are specialty stores such as sporting goods.  Do we really need to be able to buy snow skis in Texas?  No.  These things should be sold locally to where the action is.  When the bust is complete, that is what we will revert to.

The latest victim of the reversal of credit based specialty store expansion is Sports Chalet which has now filed for BK.  I fully expect the bigger versions of this such as Dick's sporting goods to fall into the same hole in the fullness of time.  All that debt expansion has built will fall in the coming debt collapse and the fall will be much, much faster than the build.  Stair steps up, elevator down definitely will apply to the collapse of the great Global Debt Ponzi.

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